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SINs Of Anisa

SINs Of Anisa is an 18+ roleplaying plot created January 19, 2018 by GM Legix. Void/cancelled until further notice due to player abandonment.

Current Plot Thread TBA
Link to OOC Thread Official OOC

Status: This plot is currently open for any approved character to join.

Plot Overview

SINs of Anisa is a plot centered around Operation Bakuwana, a series of actions taken by Star Army Intelligence (otherwise known as SAINT) to combat the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia and their covert actions to hinder the “breadbasket” world of Anisa. Comprised of a collection of SIN (Strategic Initiatives Network) agents commanded by Chusa shibui_mame, the plot focuses on both Yamataian daily life and what is essentially all forms of Espionage. As its name suggests, the plot's secondary goal is to flesh out and detail the system of Anisa, both within its cultural heritage and the colorful folks around the planet.

It is also one of the first plots to focus on the primary conflict of Yamatai in YE 40, the Kuvexian War, despite being focused in Yamataian space rather than abroad.

Posting Rules and Pacing Explained


Mix between standard posts and JP. Everyone will generally require a JP to enter the RP's setting. SP and JP (Primarily SP)


Posting in standard threads should be kept orderly and done every 5-7 days if not sooner. Generally, this can be excused or overlooked in most cases, but the player may be NPC'd to progress the plot in the case of holding the thread up at the time. Players will receive three warnings before they will be removed from the current arc, requiring them to engage in JPs until the duration of the thread is over.

Characters and Players

Field Agents (Players)

Character Player Notes
Dion'Sirith Legix One of the first members of the Separa'Shan to join SAINT, Nitô Juni Dion was recruited to the team due to his experience to keep calm in a pinch, his local merchant ties from his species' proximity to Anisa, and for his diverse medical knowledge.

Command Agents & Locals (NPCs)

NPC Player Notes
shibui_mame Legix A pitch black skinned NH-29S, Mame is the Chusa heading the ground operations from her command shelter and occasionally from the direct field. Commonly known for walking barefoot and sitting in the dark, with little else known by her assigned team.
Baku Legix A Sprite that is quite close to Mame. The pair have worked as partners rather than retire, with Baku preferring to remain in his light-based form. Rumors say there is a body, however, just waiting for an emergency for him to transfer into it…
Nanaki Shigo Legix A Minkan aide who works under Mame. Normally distracts himself and only works when under duress. Despite this, he is quite commonly identified as Mame's “favorite” due to his general success rate as a lead information source and tracker.

Current Open Positions & Joining Requirements

Positions (in order of preference)

  1. Intelligence Operatives (non-local)
    1. Covert Infiltration and Exfiltration
    2. Mobile Surveillance
    3. Sabotage
    4. Direct Action
    5. Remaining Field Evolutions
  2. Intelligence Operatives (either stationed or had been on leave to Anisa, picked up for the operation. Same order of priority)
  3. IWS (Information Warfare Specialist)

Joining Requirements

  1. You must be 18+. This is not due to anything in particular, but done to ensure that every player is aware that something offensive COULD show up if it was deemed best for the plot narrative. This is a common practice I engage in as a GM, but have commonly been told my plots seldom needed this rating. Understand that this is done for protection of myself and the site, so that nothing potentially harmful is seen by anyone but consenting adults.
  2. Contact me before you make/edit a character for the plot. I am fairly open to new players and will work to get them in. But I will not accept someone who does not even speak to me before posting up a character. For your sake and my own, please contact me if you are interested in making a character.


Below is the collective history, as well as a thread list, of the plot since its original debut to the site.

Thread List

Pre-Launch of the Plot

Sometime in YE 39, shibui_mame was dispatched as one SIN agent among a collection of the RISE division to conduct investigation into the national security of Anisa. This was done in response to the belief that Kuvexian agents had begun to insert themselves into the Kikyo sector and spread to seek out targets. In particular, Shibui and her team were intended to determine the current-standing strength and stability of Anisa if it were to come under enemy sabotage. In the late months of YE 39, this finally provided ample room to believe the Kuvexians had begun initial steps to infiltrate Anisa. SIN was contacted to provide agents, which consisted largely of transfers and specialists of nearby worlds and abroad to produce a diverse team. Starting with the recruitment of Separa'Shan Dion'Sirith, the SIN team was called in and ordered to prepare as the turn of YE 40 came.

Only within a few days of the SIN team's arrival did SAINT finally put into effect Operation Bakuwana, where Anisa would be the first step to fight the “ghosts” of their enemy with spirits of their own. In particular, Mame was able to track down one agent and received confirmation from command days later, signalling the start to the nearest agents of the force assembled on Anisa…

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