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Special Investigations Unit 4

Special Investigations Unit 4 is a civilian plot about the efforts of its members to serve and protect the people of Yamatai while investigating and solving a wide variety of crimes. Its players take turns as Game Master, with the current Game Master being ShotJon.

Posting requirements:

-If a player doesn't post in 5 days without warning, I will auto their character. In situations where we are moving at a very steady clip, this may be shortened. If this is the case, I will not cause your character permanent harm (but don't suddenly drop off the map in the middle of a gunfight!)


Unit Four is widely regarded as one of the unluckiest units in the Yamatai National Police. It has been the bane of many careers, and, in YE 33, the only YNP unit to have suffered 100% casualties in the course of duty. Now, with a retired veteran in charge and a host of unfamiliar faces, Unit Four is born anew.

Latest News

Currently, Unit 4 is escorting a VIP in the midst of a riot.


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