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YSS Wakaba Plot

YSS Wakaba is a plot set to begin in 2021 by Game Master Rawolfe. The plot is set to be set in the aftermath of Resolutions Of The Ghost and is part of the Hinomaru Sunrises.

Currently the YSS Wakaba is lost in space seeking it's way home. The plot is being Game Master by Cowboy as Rawolfe has stepped down from the forms.


The YSS Wakaba has to encounter an ambush on one of the abandoned space station and moved further into the Ayumi Nebula where they encountered a large graveyard of Kuvexian ships that suddenly pulled them into an unknown but very strong anomaly. Where they are now, the crew has no idea.

YSS Wakaba
Forum Link Subforum Link & OOC Thread
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Game Master Cowboy
Pacing Joint Posts and Single Posts 1-2 times a week/varies
Number of Players 9
Accepting Players? Yes, but speak with Cowboy
Joining Requirements Speak with Cowboy

Plot Overview

The Kuvaxian war is over, peace has finally returned to Kikyo space, but the task is not yet done. Kuvexians, pirates, and chaos are still present in various locations. the 48th, a flotilla of the 1XF, has been deployed in the Tange System to provide humanitarian aid to these planets. But there are still some Kuvexians left on these planets, or hiding in the Tange system. The YSS Wakaba, a Shari-Class vessel that is the flagship of the 48th is there to provide protection over the 48th and clear out the sector. Players will join the Wakaba crew to venture into the (un)known for defensive, search and rescue and retaking the system planet by planet.​

Plots will continue to focus on Characters development and stories.

Episode 1: The Ghost Outpost

With Task Force 48 deployed at Tange System the flotilla began their humanitarian duties to help with the rebuild of the capital homeworld of the Tange star system. The duties were provided to all ships as was expected of them. The duty of YSS Wakaba was to perform a sweep of the star system and get rid of any remnants of the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia that dared to stay behind. However, Wakaba Inaho reports to her Captain that there is a signal coming from Tange V. The Wakaba is ordered to deploy immediately to investigate the unknown signal.

Episode 2: We ain't in Yamatai No More

After pushing the Kuvexians remnants from the outpost off and securing the Tange system even more. The Wakaba went into a pursuit to find more Kuvexians hidding in the nebula. However what they found was anything but that, they arrived at a large Kuvexian starships graveyard, unknown what happened to these ships, they soon find themselves trapped into a gravity pulled anomaly that pulled them into an unknown location. The ship received severe damage, crew injured or worse dead and they didn't know what kind adventure awaited them right now.



The roster for the first feature ship YSS Wakaba.

Plot Will

When this plot becomes inactive, its story and the structure remain their own and can't be reproduced without the consent of the GM.

OOC Notes

Rawolfe created this article on 2021/01/28 10:40.

Characters WantedAny is welcome!

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