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Random Star Army Of Yamatai Character

This page randomly generates descriptions of characters in the Star Army of Yamatai. Refresh to generate new characters.


This section will create a random enlisted male soldier.


The soldier is a no-nonsense pink-skinned Elysian Patrician infantry soldier with glossy teal eyes and buzz cut russet hair. He is wearing a volumetric Type 30C Duty Uniform and carrying a Type 33 NSP and a Grav Gurney. He is standing with his hands on his hips.

  • Rank: Joto Hei
  • Yamataian-style name: Kobayashi Okyoito
  • Nepleslian-style name: Sean Frack


This section will create a random Star Army enlisted Nekovalkyrja.


Nito Heisho Yamashita Aina is a cold-blooded chocolate brown Nekovalkyrja infantry soldier with narrow teal eyes and long wavy green hair. She is wearing a worn Type 42 Duty Uniform with pants and carrying a Type 30 NSP. She is patrolling the area.

Nekovalkyrja Serial Number

Here's a random serial number for an NH-33 made in YE 43:

NSN 33-43-923628-515242-1

The structure of these is [Model]-[Year]-[6-Digit Batch Number]-[6 Digit Serial]-[Body Number]. Batches are uniquely assigned to each production facility.

OOC Notes

Wes made these generators. Art of Daniel Becker and Cherry by Marugo-chi.

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