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Dokavor are a cold-blooded reptilian species that has three sub-species, with a culture and history built on honouring the dead. The Dokavor are a calm and respectable people, spending time trying to gain honour one way or another; to do this there are tenants that the species follow, that guide them to reach the pinnacle of greatness.

Home System: Dranicalius system


Dokavor have a long history of war and peace of the species, to start with the different sub-species were separate, fighting each other for better territory and resources, dying in the wars were the most honourable death at this time. After centuries of fighting, wars, deaths with nothing really changing but the tech used at the time, the leaders of the sub-species called for peace, this time in the history was known as the beginning of tranquillity. The leaders met in no man’s land and discussed terms to enter a better, more peaceful existence with everyone working together.

To start with this new period of time wasn’t as successful as the leaders hoped for, all sides were being aggressive, and a few large riots happened as the people were angry that they now would be friendly with those who killed their families. Some people though thought this would be a better time for everyone, a few skilled craftsmen decided to create something in the no man’s land where the peace treaty was written up, three head craftsmen and their works all from the different species came together and created what they called the hall of remembrance, inside this large building were massive slabs of rock, and written on them were the names of the fallen from the records that each sub-species kept so they could honour the fallen.

This place became a pilgrimage and a site all loved, every so often radicals who tried to break the slowly growing bond of the species would go and desecrate the site, trying to create anger again. This never happened, people helped clean and rebuild what was broken, strengthening the bonds between the species. Soon these attacks happened less and less until there was none happening what so ever, as the pilgrimages happened more and more, the leaders decided to build a new city around the hall of remembrance which would become the first city for every species, with this built, the leaders had a building created for them to lead together easily. With the city built, people flocked to it, the craftsmen that created the hall of Remembrance got statues and were named as the most honourable amongst all, a new title that was create for them since they united the Dokavor together.

This peace between the Dokavor people has continued to last with no signs of breaking apart, with the peace, there has been many advancements in the tech of the Dokavor, allowing them to finally create a successful space faring craft, as well as weaponry and armour. With this new tech they started to explore the other planets in their system colonising them and turned the small star system into a wonder place to live for the Dokavor.


All three sub-species of Dokavor are scaled cold-blooded Humanoids with tails, two legs and arms that end in clawed toes and fingers. Their stomach, neck, lower jaw and groin have soft skin, where their arms, head, back, shoulders and legs have thick, hard scales of multiple colours. They have long arms that are more humanoid in appearance with a shoulder joint, elbow, wrist and a hand, with three clawed fingers and a clawed thumb on each. The legs though have the hip joint, a knee joint, an ankle joint that is raised high and a foot that rests on the balls of the foot with four clawed toes.

They have large silted eyes that allow the Dokavor to see heat in their surroundings, they can make out even the smallest change in temperature in the visible area to them, they can’t see through objects with this vision though. They can also use their tongues for collecting chemicals from the air or ground. The tongue does not have receptors to taste or smell. Instead, these receptors are in the vomeronasal organ, which is in the roof of the mouth. Once inside the organ, different chemicals evoke different electrical signals which are relayed to the brain. Their bodies slow down if they get too cold, and if they don’t find heat within an hour, the Dokavor goes into a hibernation state until their body warms up again.

The Dokavor have unhinging jaws that allow them to break off bigger bites of food, or to give a stronger bite force if necessary, they are omnivores and can handle most foods and liquids on their home planet without feeling sick, their bodies are use to the plants and meats that live on their planet but haven’t tried anything on planets other than their home planet.

There is a big difference between the male and females of all three sub-species is the sexual dimorphism between the two genders with the females being much bigger than the males.


The tallest of the Dakavor, males averaging around 12ft and females around 16ft, the key characteristics of this species compared to the other two are their thick smaller tails, only being more of a small tail going to about halfway down the thigh from the base. Their back scales have fused into a thicker shell-like armour instead of the many colourful scales. Their muscles are bigger and their bodies more powerful than the other two sub-species but in turn they are slower and less intelligent than the other two.


The smallest of the Dokavor, males averaging around 6ft and females about 9ft, the key characteristics of this species compared to the other two are their slim long tails, that reach the floor with ease and curling a little as well. Their scales are thinner and more easily movable to allow for more flexibility, this paired with thin limbs and high intelligence allows the Savilan to easily climb and crawl into places that the other two sub-species wouldn’t be able to enter.


The middle size of the Dokavor, males being around 10ft and females about 13ft the key characteristics of this species compared to the other two are their knee length tails, that start at the base as think as the Akiosa’s tails and ends at the tip as thin as the Savilan’s tails. Their scales are and thicker than the Savilan’s and don’t allow for as much flexibility, but their muscles are bigger and more defined allowing for more agility and speed than the other species.


Hybrids are easily formed between the sub-species, with the children taking on more of their mother’s looks, with a few hints of their father in their as well. For example, the child of a female Savilan and a male Akiosa, would look like a Savilan, but may have a smaller tail, or some of the back scales would have fused together.

Mating and reproduction

The Dokavor mate for life, they will only choose another partner after a year if their partner has passed away, but the new partner also has to be accepted by any children that may have came from the fist pairing. Dokavor females lay between one to three eggs per breeding cycle, these cycles are once a year and don’t need to take place, the couple would choose if they will partake in the cycle and then they will breed and the female will lay the eggs a month and then the eggs will hatch after 6 months.

Life Cycle

Dokavor live for around 200 years, what they call the adult life happens quite early in this time, at 20 years old, at this point they can gain a good living from work, can join the army and their body begin the breeding cycles. The age they actually are treated as adults, learn the harder things and can train for the job they want is at 13 years old.


Dokavor can eat whatever they want, but they always check with their vomeronasal organ before actually eating or drinking so they can tell if their body can actually handle the food or drink.


The Dokavor enjoy hot weather and environments as long as there is heat to help with their cold blood they enjoy the environment, they do favour savannah and deserts more than any other environment as they stay warmest in these areas than others.


Dokavor believe that honour is the most important thing a person can get in life, you gain honour from your ancestors and from your own actions these things can hinder or help your level of honour. If your ancestors had lost a lot of honour, you will be born with low honour and to gain more, you will have to prove yourself a lot more with your actions. The Dokavor have a monarchy of three royal families, one from each sub-species that all rule equally, but also deal with their own sub-species over the others, if an Akiosa is sent to the royals to be judged, the Akiosa royalty will have the final say over the other royals.

Dokavor use a lot of gems and a special metal they call soulite in all of their building, accessories, clothing, homewares and everything in between, gems are believed to house the souls of the ancestors and the special rock radiates heat so for the Dokavor it is more valuable than anything else in the world.


Dokavor use their soulite in their ships and armours, to keep the insides warms for the Dokavor to they can function at normal levels. Their weapons use solid metal rounds meant to penetrate and shred anything that would attack the Dokavor. They favour toxins and poisons in the bullets for different reason, either to add to the pain, distract the target with hallucinations, tranquilize the target or to kill a fleeing target and then catch up to the prey when they are too weak to run.

Their other tech is all to do with using heat as a power source and trying to manufacture their own heat sources to give them endless energy. They are always working to make their current heat tech more effective, more reliable and to waste less heat.


Dokavor use silver coins call Kava and gold coins called Cais as their currency, silver coins are used as small numbers and gold are used as higher numbers. One thousand Kava makes one Cais. Kava is used for smaller goods, like food, payment for travel around the city and other smaller goods. Cais is used for bigger goods, buying houses, ships, traveling to other planets and other larger goods.

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