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Kuvexians are a race of nocturnal humanoids native to an unknown star cluster far away from known space. They evolved from a mammal-type species that dwelled in deep, wet, and warm caverns. The Kuvexians tend to engage in frequent wars for the purpose of acquiring new things, as their homelands were already heavily exploited for resources long ago.


Kuvexians are still mostly unknown to the main species of the SARPiverse.

  • Around YE 11, King Kalapom III ascended to the throne.
  • In YE 37, Kuvexian naval ships attacked the YSS Eucharis. A Kuvexian fighter was shot down and the pilot was captured by the Eucharis' crew.
  • In YE 38, the Kuvexian War began.
  • After the end of the Kuvexian War in YE 43, some Kuvexians stayed in the Kikyo Sector anyway.

Intelligence Report

The following report was submitted to members of the Defense Arrangement Treaty (of the) Alliance of Signatory States after first contact:

Kuvexian Intel Report

As far as their species are concerned they have been described best as humanoid squid. While they do not appear to be much stronger than humans they move with quick, jerky motions and have extreme endurance. From what we could see from the alien pilot prior to his capture they have a skilled military force with that appears to mimic that of both Yamatai and Nepleslia. They possess firearms that fire a form of aether energy and possess a grenade that coats enemies in its blast radius with a substance similar to industrial strength rubber cement. Armor teams, note that these weapons will not appear as grenades to your AIES, set your computers to track all airborne objects coming for you to counter this. Also note that this substance will clog your reactor intake, causing a critical overheat failure. Use high heat to quickly remove 'glue'.

Kuvexian ships are equipped with shields that perform at a level no better then ours but their armor is twice as dense. Fighter pilots, your ships can out maneuver the enemy fighters but you must aim for weak points such as the cockpit. They also appear to have a shuttle designed for breaching blast doors using a weapon similar to the Nepleslian HPAR. Ship captains, they will heat up your hangar door and ram them open. THE ENEMIES CAN BOARD YOUR SHIP. Keep those shuttles at a distance.

The individual Kuvexian seems to have a belief(possibly religious) in something they call 'the Next Life'. This was said by a captured pilot shortly before he committed suicide. Regardless of whether this is a religious belief or reference to cloning technology each soldier is willing to fight to the death. In the event you take a captive screen them for hidden suicide devices, specifically search their teeth and remove by any means necessary. SAINT needs captives for information gathering purposes and has requested that we take as many live Kuvexian prisoners as possible.

- Joto Hei Candon Howard Suites


Kuvexians have lanky humanoid bodies with pale (very light blue or purple) splotchy or speckled skin and somewhat humanlike hands with three little suction cups on the inside of their fingertips and a cluster of more small suction cups on their palms. They have about the same physical strength and mental capabilities as a human but move in a rapid, jerky way reminiscent of a spider and have exceptional endurance (they don't tire easily from things (like climbing in caves). They average about 5'/152cm tall and tend to be thin. Their feet are like thicker, less agile versions of their hands and also have suction cups on the bottom.

Kuvexian heads have large-pupiled eyes (little if any white shows) that aid in low-light vision and can see more of the red spectrum than humans. Eye colors range from dark green to dark blue. They have slit-type noses, bluish lips, and a long, forked tongue that can help them sense chemicals. Their faces have bio-luminescent markings on them that help them see when there is no other light. Their ears are batlike and they have two on each side. They can have hair on their heads, and it's usually translucent white or cream colored unless it's dyed. Kuvexian hair is very straight and silk-like, and actually an excellent silk substitute for clothing manufacture.

They reproduce sexually, in the style of humans more or less with the exception of the male seed coming in solid, pearl-like beads that can last a long time. Their gestation period is a full year. This long gestation period is one reason why their military tends to favor artificial cloning and use of faster-reproducing species like the Rixxikor to use as proxies.

Kuvexian blood is purple.


They wear tight-fitting clothing and, when outside, robes with elaborate patterns. Kuvexians have a fondness for wearing large amounts of jewelry. They are a generally rich species that flaunts their wealth conspicuously.

Sometimes Kuvexians will have tattoos made with a fluorescent subterranean fungus and/or the dark ink of a six-legged squid-like underground lake dwelling creature called a Hexajup. It is common for them to have large amounts of body piercings.

Sex is extremely important in their society, and is used as a form of social ranking. Highly successful individuals who are deemed to contribute more to society are permitted to have multiple spouses, while ordinary citizens are only permitted to have one. Taking more sexual partners than social rank permits is punishable by castration. These castrations are televised for entertainment purposes. One can tell who is a leader because they will have a harem that they'll inevitably show off.

Slavery is widespread in the Kuvex Kingdom, and criminals and captives from the Kuvex's many conquered species can be found throughout their territory toiling away under varying conditions.

When Kuvexians die, they're compressed into diamonds, which are then auctioned off.

It's considered a delicacy for Kuvexians when they can harvest the eggs from other sapient species' ovaries (such as humans) and eat them as caviar.


Most Kuvexians are citizens of their monarchical government, the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia, which is ruled by King Kalapom III. Their Kingdom contains at least 25 star systems, most of which are well developed. It is a very wealthy kingdom and is part of an alliance of several other alien empires.


Kuvex has an extensive military rivaling that of the Star Army of Yamatai that includes a complete lineup of various starship types and a seemingly endless supply of infantry troops. They breed enormous clone armies during times of war and also use large numbers of Rixxikor as a sort of cheap expendable footsoldiers. The military is known for its elaborate, dressy uniforms worn by its officers.

OOC Notes

Species artwork by TopHatTruffles - Commission paid by Wes.

There is a Kuvexian-inspired song on the album Star Army OST: Volume 2.

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