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 ====== Nekovalkyrja ====== ====== Nekovalkyrja ======
-Nekovalkyrja (pronounced "​Nay-ko-wul-ku-ree"​) are the cat-eared clone soldiers of the [[:Yamatai Star Empire]]. It is common for them to be be referred to as "​nekos."​+Nekovalkyrja (pronounced "​Nay-ko-wul-ku-ree"​) are the cat-eared clone soldiers of the [[faction:yamatai_star_empire]]. It is common for them to be be referred to as "​nekos." ​In [[language:​Yamataigo]] they are called 猫ワルキューレ (nekowarukyūre).
-{{stararmy:​uniforms:​duty:​duty_uniform_operations_itto_hei_neko.png?​150 ​ }}+{{stararmy:​uniforms:​duty:​duty_uniform_operations_itto_hei_neko.png?​150}}
-==== Core Concepts ====+All Nekovalkyrja citizens of Yamatai, regardless of their origin, are subject to a mandatory 3 years of military service in the [[stararmy:​start]],​ or the equivalent in direct service to the Yamataian government.
 +The main subspecies of the Nekovalkyrja is the [[species:​nekovalkyrja:​nekovalkyrja_type_33]],​ but many other subspecies and types were used in the past.
 +===== Core Concepts =====
   - Nekos are always female.   - Nekos are always female.
-  - Nekos are primarily soldiers of the [[:Star Army of Yamatai]]. They'​re made to be warriors (hence the "​valkyrie"​ name).+  - Nekos are primarily soldiers of the Star Army of Yamatai. They'​re made to be warriors (hence the "​valkyrie"​ name).
   - Nekos usually have catlike ears, which may or may not be covered in fur ("​Neko"​ means "​cat"​ in Japanese).   - Nekos usually have catlike ears, which may or may not be covered in fur ("​Neko"​ means "​cat"​ in Japanese).
   - Nekos brains have computer-like capabilities such as wireless communication and software downloads.   - Nekos brains have computer-like capabilities such as wireless communication and software downloads.
   - Nekos can fly and hover around, so they are not impeded by terrain.   - Nekos can fly and hover around, so they are not impeded by terrain.
   - Because Nekovalkyrja are typically created via artificial means, this means they usually do not have a childhood. Sometimes the resulting lack of life experience can make them seem naive.   - Because Nekovalkyrja are typically created via artificial means, this means they usually do not have a childhood. Sometimes the resulting lack of life experience can make them seem naive.
- +  - Nekovalkyrja ​are considered a species, not just equipment. More on this below. 
-Using a Nekovalkyrja ​body is like wearing the uniform of the Star Army of Yamatai.+  - They can have tails, but this is optional. Currently it's uncommon but tails are making a comeback.
 If you're interested in playing a Nekovalkyrja character, see [[guide:​creating_a_nekovalkyrja_character|Creating a Nekovalkyrja Character]]. If you're interested in playing a Nekovalkyrja character, see [[guide:​creating_a_nekovalkyrja_character|Creating a Nekovalkyrja Character]].
-==== Generations ​of Nekovalkryja ​==== +===== History ​of the Nekovalkyrja ===== 
-The idea of a generation is human concept that doesn'​t apply neatly to Nekovalkyrja ​because they can produce at a young ageand (as you notedthey are a very young race in generalwith Nekovalkyrja ​not even being heavily mass-produced until somewhere around YE 20meaning most Nekovalkyrja ​are younger than 15If I had to break down Nekovalkyrja ​into generationsit would be by model numbers or by the wars they were produced for.+Originally, the Nekovalkyrja ​series was developed by [[faction:​yamatai:​pnugen_corporation]] for the Uesureyan Empire. LaterNekovalkyrja production was assumed by the [[corp:​ketsurui_zaibatsu]]. 
 +==== NH-2 ==== 
 +Nekovalkyrja were first created by The Pagoda no Uesureya Genetics Corporation ​([[faction:​yamatai:​pnugen_corporation|PNUgen]]). These first “nekos”NH-2 Nekovalkyrja ​types, had been created to counter the new “Seraph” organic weapons when the [[faction:​yamatai_star_empire]] had been at war with the [[faction:​elysia:​elysian_celestial_empire]].  
 +Notable NH-2 included: 
 +  * [[characteR:​Eve]] 
 +  * [[character:​yui]] 
 +  * [[character:​Ketsurui Yuumi]] 
 +Yui and Yumi were raised as babiesbut later Nekovalkyrja ​were generally created as full adultsThe first attempts at trying ​to make an artificial mind template for Nekovalkyrja ​who weren'​t raised as children were a mixed bag - some of them, like Eve, were psychopaths.
-  ​Original prototype weapons (Yui, Yuumi) +==== NH-7 ==== 
-  - Early NH-2 models for sale (EveMeniMani, etc) +PNUgenfollowing on their successcreated the [[species:​nekovalkyrja:​nh-7]] Nekovalkyrja IIwhich saw even more production – and were eventually purchased by the WickedArms Industries Corporation ​and Ketsurui Heavy Industries, whom began producing ​NH-7 variants.
-  - Initial mass production - NH-7 (Elysian wars Chaos Hive Waretc) +
-  - Second Draconian War (Jaaq'​tah) - trillions of NH-12 and NH-17 produced +
-  - First Mishhuvurthyar War - trillions more NH-17 +
-  - Second Mishhuvurthyar War - NH-29 +
-  - Present generation - NH-33+
-==== Models of Nekovalkyrja ​====+==== NH-10 ==== 
 +In [[timeline:​ye_22]],​ PNUgen produced the NH-10 Nekovalkyrja III ("​NH-X"​) and made them available as elite units to the Star Army of Yamatai.
 +See: [[species:​nekovalkyrja:​nh-x]]
-The [[stararmy:nh-33]] model is the most common, followed ​by the [[stararmy:nh-29]] and the [[stararmy:nh-27]]. The [[stararmy:nh-28_niws]] is uncommon but still in limited service. All other nekos are either extremely rare or obsolete and replaced.+==== NH-12 ==== 
 +In [[timeline:ye_22]], shortly after the NH-10 finished its long developmentWickedArms ​followed ​up with the [[species:​nekovalkyrja:NH-12]], a miniature neko model designed as a personal assistant. They saw extensive use as pilots of [[stararmy:equipment:​lamia_m1_space_mecha]] during the [[stararmy:history:​second_draconian_war]].
-    * NH-1 PNUgen “[[species:geshrin]]” or “Warmaiden” +==== NH-17 ==== 
-    * NH-2 PNUgen "​Nekovalkyrja"​ +The Star Army Research Administration,​ a branch of the Ketsurui Zaibatsu, eventually produced the [[species:nekovalkyrja:nh-17]] Nekovalkyrja V from YE 23 to 27, producing in the span of four years a number ​of four-and-a-half-trillion models; making them the most common ​series yet which came in the 17R (regular), 17S (stealthand the 17T (telepathicvariants.
-    * [[:nh-3]] Mage +
-    * NH-4 PNUgen Controller +
-    * NH-6 PNUgen "​Bubblegunner"​ (smaller ID-SOL-type with personal forcefield) +
-    * [[stararmy:​nh-7]] PNUgen/​WickedArms "​Nekovalkyrja II" +
-    * NH-8 PNUgen Shadowshifter +
-    * NH-9 PNUgen Weapon +
-    * [[:​nh-x|NH-10]] NH-X Twin Nekovalkyrja +
-    * NH-11 PNUgen Shadowshifter II +
-    * [[:nh-12]] “Mini-Nekovalkyrja” +
-    * NH-13 Shadowshifter II +
-    * NH-16 WickedArms "​Bubblegunner II" +
-    * [[stararmy:​nh-17]] ​"Nekovalkyrja V+
-    * [[:nh-18]] Adaptive Weapon +
-    * NH-19 Experimental Nekovalkyrja used for hybridization +
-    * NH-20 Experimental Nekovalkryja +
-    * NH-22 Experimental remake ​of NH-17 +
-      * [[stararmy:​nh-22c|NH-22C Yamataian]] +
-      * NH-22M +
-    * [[:nh-23]] Ketsurui Empress'​ Nodal Nekovalkyrja +
-    * NH-25 Advanced version ​of NH-17 Nekovalkyrja (Mishhu hybrid) eg: [[character:​pumpkin]] +
-  * [[stararmy:​nh-27]] (Samurai Type) +
-  * [[stararmy:​nh-28_niws]] +
-  * [[stararmy:​nh-29]] +
-  * **[[stararmy:​nh-31]]** (most common ​male/​civilian type) +
-  * [[stararmy:​nh-32]] ​(Prototypes only) +
-  * **[[stararmy:​nh-33]]** ​(most common female/​military type)+
-Originally, ​the Nekovalkyrja ​series was developed by [[yamatai:pnugen_corporation]] for the Uesureyan Empire. Later, Nekovalkyrja ​production ​was assumed by the [[yamatai:ketsurui_zaibatsu]]. +The NH-17 was the main Nekovalkyrja ​of the [[stararmy:history:​first_mishhuvurthyar_war]]
 +==== NH-22 ==== 
 +More recent developments introduced the NH-22 Nekovalkyrja types, but instead of seeing mass-production,​ they only lasted ​for a prototype phase before they branched off into two variants whom became types of their own: The NH-22M Nekovalkyrja VI, originally designed to assemble most the the NH-17’s variants under one powerful packagewas perfected and reclassified as the NH-27 Nekovalkyrja ​(Type 27); The NH-22C Nekovalkyrja VI, designed to be a civilian unit capable of child-bearing instead of a military-grade machine, ​was reclassified as the ‘Yamataian’ race under Nekovalkyrja Re-integration Plan. The [[species:nh-22c]] were strongly advocated by the Yamataian Government to diminish the number of Nekovalkyrja combat units in an effort to integrate them into society when the Yamatai Star Empire was not in a state of war.
-==== Obtaining or Keeping a Nekovalkyrja Body ==== +==== NH-28 ==== 
-The requirements for obtaining a Nekovalkyrja bodyaccording to Yamataian laware:+In [[timeline:​ye_28]]the NH-28 Nodal Integrated Weapon System saw the field. Rather than being an actual living creaturethe [[species:nekovalkyrja:​nh-28_niws]] pushed the weapon-aspect of the Nekovalkyrja series to the hilt, creating a cold killing machine designed as a ruthless counter the Mishhuvurthyar.
-1. Being a citizen of the Yamatai Star Empire is a prerequisite ​to use of a Nekovalkyrja bodyAny Nekovalkyrja who changes allegiance to another nation must return ​the Nekovalkyrja body. Failure ​to do so is a capital offense.+==== NH-29 ==== 
 +The NH-29 (now known as the [[species:​nekovalkyrja:​nh-29]]) was made by the [[stararmy:​sara]] as an answer ​to the NH-22C/​Yamataians,​ so that the Nekovalkyrja could continue their own species instead ​of being absorbed by anotherThe NH-29 was based on the NH-17, but does not share most of their combat capabilities,​ settling for a revised, more robust physiology and relying more on power armor to provide for their fighting capabilities.
-2. A Nekovalkyrja body may obtained ​by an employee of the Star Army of Yamatai or other government services with approval of the director or manager of such service when use of Nekovalkyrja bodies are justified (e.g. National Police may use Nekovalkyrja ​bodies because of the chance of combat).+The NH-29 was the standard model Nekovalkyrja body used by the [[stararmy:​start]] until its replacement by the [[species:​nekovalkyrja:​nekovalkyrja_type_33]] around [[timeline:​ye_34]],​ making it the primary ​Nekovalkyrja ​serving throughout ​the [[stararmy:​history:​second_mishhuvurthyar_war]].
-3. Certain models of Nekovalkyrja bodies (such as stealth models), designated by the Star Army of Yamatai, must be relinquished prior to separation from the military.+See also: [[species:​nekovalkyrja:​signaler]] for a special variant.
-4For the purposes ​of this billNekovalkyrja refers ​to:+==== Type 33 ==== 
 +The [[species:​Nekovalkyrja:​Nekovalkyrja Type 33]] design process began around the same time that the [[species:​nekovalkyrja:​nh-32]] was started in [[timeline:​ye_32]]The NH-3x as it was called was also influenced by the shifting role of the [[species:​nekovalkyrja:​nh-29]]becoming the primary ship-borne troops and the [[species:​nekovalkyrja:​nh-32]] specialized for Infantry. This shift is why the Tennyo is no stronger than the [[species:​nekovalkyrja:​nh-29|NH-29]]. With the NMX manufacturing their own [[species:​nekovalkyrja:​nh-29|NH-29]] as soldiers and infiltration personnel, the designers wanted NH-33 easier ​to identify, starting with a change in the hand structure. Also a number of internal systems were modified, namely the cardiac and respiratory were based on the [[species:minkan]]. The respiratory system was upgraded with the ability to store oxygen, to help improve survivability in situations where a ship's structural integrity was compromised,​ specialized for space service, and equipped with several security enhancements. ​
-  * NH-2 series +The reason the new NH-33 is called the Tennyo is to distinguish from the [[species:​nekovalkyrja:​nh-32]]. Tennyo means Celestial Maiden, in Yamataian, and given that the NH-33 is primarily for Shipboard servicethe name was considered descriptive of the new role.
-  * NH-7 series +
-  * NH-17 series +
-  * NH-18 +
-  * NH-22M +
-  * NH-27 series +
-  * NH-28 series +
-  * NH-29 series +
-  * NH-33 seriesand +
-  * Future Nekovalkyrja+
-On keeping ​Nekovalkyrja after Star Army service:+The Designers from [[stararmy:​sara]] and [[corp:​ketsurui_zaibatsu]] carefully considered the various attributes of the various NH-Series to come up with homogenous design. As the design work went on into the following year the project was renamed the NH-33. It became available in late [[timeline:ye_33]].
-NH-29s (excluding ​the [stealthmodels) will be allowed ​to keep their body on retirementalthough it is strongly encouraged to switch to Yamataian so you can have babies ​instead of just youngling clonesThe NH-29 reproductive functions are are for raising troopsnot for raising a family. Former ​soldiers ​that keep their neko bodies ​may be recalled to the military in times of national crisis.+[[corp:​ketsurui_zaibatsu]] was surprised by the trend of [[species:​nekovalkyrja:​nh-29]] having younglings. Because of this trend, they decided ​to give the [[species:​nekovalkyrja:​nh-33_tennyo]] the freedom of choice regarding having children, without requiring a body transfer. 
 +==== Nekovalkyrja Recognized As A Species ==== 
 +In [[timeline:​ye_35]]the Nekovalkyrja collectively were recognized as a legitimate species ​instead of just military equipment (bodies) being used by soldiersPrior to thisthe soldiers ​had no rights to their bodies. The ruling, //Imperial Decree 20: Imperial Stance of the Rights and Restrictions on the Nekovalkyrja Species//, was made by [[character:​Ketsurui Himiko|Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Himiko I of Yamatai]]:
-NH-29s naturally born as younglings to NH-29 mothers ​are allowed to keep their bodies but if they keep them they are eligible ​to be subject to a military ​draft in wartime+"It is our view that the Nekovalkyrja,​ being a creature which can be created by not only by production but by natural birth, is indeed a species and we hereby decree that the whole Empire must treat it accordingly,​ and that the citizens of the Yamatai Star Empire who possess a NH-29 or NH-33 body are given the same rights ​are freedoms with one exception: as a military species created ​to be the protectors of Yamatai, we also declare all Nekovalkyrja citizens of Yamatai, regardless of their origin, are subject to a mandatory 3 years of military ​service in the Star Army of Yamatai, or the equivalent in direct service to the Yamataian government. This maintains the "​veteran"​ status of the race which Taisho Yui explained is so highly revered amongst the Nekovalkyrja. This decree does not interfere with the Star Army of Yamatai'​s ability to produce Nekovalkyrja;​ the Star Army must continue to produce new Nekovalkyrja ​in any manner it sees fit."
 +==== Type 33A ====
 +In [[timeline:​ye_36]],​ the Star Army introduced the [[species:​nekovalkyrja:​nekovalkyrja_type_33a]]. This larger body type was intended for service in the [[stararmy:​Rikugun]].

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