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NH-33M (Miniature)

The NH-33M is the Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 equivalent of the NH-29M, it is a NH-33 (Tennyo) that remains at the youngling (20 centimeter) size. It replaced the NH-29M in YE 33.

Typical Appearance

The average NH-33M appears to be a slender, miniature well-formed piece of artwork made much like an attractive human female, with shoulders slightly more narrow than hips, usually small breasts. They have standard Neko-Style ears, almond-shaped eyes and the standard four finger hand.


  • Mass: 6.4kg (14lbs)
  • Height: 20 cm (7.9 Inches)
  • Strength: NH-33M have an impressive strength for their size. It is possible (not very difficult) for a Nekovalkryja NH-33M to carry up to 21 kilograms of weight in 1G (42 lbs).
  • NH-33M possesses Inertia Controlling Ability (Enhanced)
  • NH-33M has a Mini-SPINE that can be used with equipment that has a Mini-SPINE interface.
  • NH-33M does not reproduce.
  • NH-33M skeletons are reinforced with nano-tubes.
  • NH-33M have skin-based holographic projection
  • NH-33M does have SACN Encryption Nodule

Note: A NH-33M is entitled to a free body transfer to a full size body.

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