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Vit'taka (Plant Speech)

The Tula before they had contact with the Qaktoro had developed the ability to establish a rapport / connection with plants in their proximity. They have the ability to physiologically link to the plants around them out to a maximum range of 100 meters. In its earlier form this helped the smaller Tula to successfully hunt larger prey, and avoid predators. As they evolved and developed this talent they learned to use it for other purposes.

Talent Frequency Range (Max) Description
Sense All 100 meters This allows the Tula to gauge the health of the plants near them. They can also sense things through the plants. They can detect the presence of other life forms, and the general location. The other life form must be physically in contact with the plants. They can not identify individuals.
Sense II Some 1 meter This talent allows the Tula to be able to determine if the plant and or its fruit is safe to consume, or if it has possible curative properties. When used the individual gets a 'sense' about the plant, and it it may take several senses to get completely accurate. (Example: The leaves of a rhubarb plant are poisonous, but the stalks are not.) The sense is along the lines of a good or bad feeling.
Telepathy Many 1 km with Jodauvit (Think Plant) or other connected plants Tula have the ability to communicate with another Tula by mentally linking with the plants. For this to work, there must be a contiguous connection between the two via the same type of plant species. ex: Two Tula can communicate over a distance in the middle of a forest of the same tree type, or standing in a large field or prairie. Physical contact with the plant must be made. Telepathic messages can be intercepted by another Tula who touches the plant or plants being used. Range decreases with less focused plant connection or connections, such as alerting multiple people in a village.
Coax Some A Tula can safely affect up to their body weight in plant mater. Tula can coax a plant or group of plants. This has the effect of accelerating the plant. It can be used to encourage seeds or seedlings to grow faster. Or to increase the growth of fruit or blooms. Coaxing must be done with care as it can stress the plant to the point of killing it. Coaxing places a strain on the Tula as well. The Tula literally use their life force to accelerate the plant metabolism. The greater the coax the more risk. Note: During the Norka (The Exodus) many Tula died while coaxing plants to feed the clan. 1 hour of coaxing = 8 days of growth. Note: A Tula can create a more rapid growth rate by focusing on a smaller or single plant. But care mst be taken or the plant will die or become damaged at the cellular level.
  • All - All Tula have this ability
  • Many - The majority 85% of the Tula can do this ability
  • Some - 25 % of the Tula can do this ability


A Tula must rest three hours for every hour of coaxing to recover their strength. Coaxing larger amounts increase the strain geometrically. Doubling the effort requires four times the recovery. Note: Failure to recover properly repeatedly can cause permanent injury and death.

Sample Skill Writing

 ==== Vit'taka (Plant Speech)====
Miali's mixed [[species:tuoro]] blood gives her an affinity towards plants and allows her the use of //[[species:tula:plant_link]]// to a modest extent. She is able to use both the //Sense// and //Telepathy// abilities, and is skilled in the use and care of common //[[faction:hidden_sun_clan:think_plant]]//.

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