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The Vordachibeans are one of the Star Empire's oldest enemies; they've been at war with the Star Empire's ancestors since the time when Damasica (Neo Kohana) was the capital.


Their starfighters fought against the “Sting Fighters” of the Uesureyan Empire in massive ongoing battles that made Xenn Trelance (the legendary pilot) into a famous hero (and eventually, a famous martyr). Vordachibeans are small, only around 14 inches tall, but smart and devious hunters; they are known for their attacks on Imperial colony worlds and space stations.

Stories from the Shattered Age describe soldiers being ambushed and eaten alive by Vordachibeans that had infested a colony. The infestation was survived only by a single soldier armed with a high-powered bolt-action shotgun. This lone soldier is represented on the flag of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.


Vordachibeans have ugly, fat-looking translucent bodies, usually of yellow or pink coloration, with large bulging eyes and giant mouths full of pointed teeth. They have scrawny arms with very sharp claws on their three-fingered hands. Their feet don't allow for very fast movement, but they can jump surprisingly far using their thick torsos.

Vordachibeans reproduce rapidly, laying clusters of self-reliant pods frequently, especially after eating. Vordachibeans are barely sentient, and their intelligence only begins once they start to age. Their technology is mostly acquired through theft and deals made by the older Vordachibeans, as the they are senselessly violent and aggressive creatures until they reach about 3-4 years of age. Exactly how long the Vordachibean life span lasts in unknown.


The Vordachibeans are mostly an insanely vicious horde. No cultural tradition is known to exist at this time. They thought to only inhabit their home system of Vordachibea; however they previously traveled around space so some speculate that there could be other pockets of them left over from the old wars.


The Vordachibean military is rather disorganized, composed of a hodgepodge of acquired spacecraft, millions of fighters (ancient report placed their engines as twice the speed of UES forces “Sting Fighters”), and various ground vehicles (rare). Vordachibean militants tend to “infest” an area, then spread to the next.


The Collective is run loosely by the older Vordachibeans in some sort of council. They have never been directly observed or contacted.


Little industry except for the construction of rip-off spaceships, mostly by robots. Vordachibeans' tiny hands are of little use except for slashing victims, however, there are rumors that somehow a Vordachibean can take over the human body for a short time by putting the human's head inside its interior through its underside orifice. This is, of course, fatal for the human.

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