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Educational Facility 1

  • AKA: Star Army Educational Facility #1 (formerly PNUgen Educational Facility #1)
  • Nicknames: “Ichiban”, “EF1”, “The Crèche”
  • Motto: Ganbatte!
  • School colors: red and white
  • Location: Ketsurui no Iori
  • Commander: Kawasawa Shizuka


Ichiban, constructed in YE 20, was originally named PNUgen Educational Facility #1 due to a misunderstanding, as PNUgen officials assumed that they would be given the task of training the NH-7 Nekovalkyrja that the corporation had produced before the Nekos would be accepted into the Star Army of Yamatai. However, after the construction of EF1 at Ketsurui no Iori was complete, they were informed that the facility would be administered and operated directly by Star Army of Yamatai personnel.


The campus is a series of huge buildings and compounds that serve as lecture halls, classrooms, libraries, offices, and dormitories. EF1 also maintains its own fire station, police department, and hospital.

The architectural style of EF1 mainly emulates that of medieval Japan, in order to conform to the cityscape of Kyoto. Castles, meeting halls, pagodas, and pavilions with black tiled roofs line the wide avenues. The interiors of the campus buildings are strictly modern, yet maintain an Oriental sense of aesthetics and are only minimally decorated.


Since Nekovalkyrja can download information directly into their brains, one might argue that having a facility dedicated to “Nekovalkyrja education” is absurd. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Although Nekos are constructed with state-of-the-art biotechnology, mental or physical defects occurring in even a single Neko can prove disastrous if said defects were not discovered until in the heat of battle. The real reason that all newly created Nekovalkyrja are retained, monitored, and effectively quarantined for a short period of time after their birth is to observe for said defects.

A secondary reason is to allow the newly created beings time to develop individual personalities and interests before exposing them to a highly conformist culture and society.


The curriculum includes combat training, basic communications, technology operation, basic mathematics, and anything else of interest to the student. Most information-based knowledge are directly downloaded into their brains. Instructors mainly supervise hands-on combat training sessions. The Nekos would spar with each other and experience firing a real weapon, for example.

Length of Program: 4 months.


Well known among Yamataians and Nekos. Many Nekos have fond memories of “Ichiban”, where they first learned to use telepathy and fire a weapon. They rarely mention the place, however, since the rest of their careers usually prove vastly more interesting than the uneventful, short stay at EF1.


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