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Himitsu Star Fortress

Originally named Taiie no Iori, the Star Fortress was severely damaged following an incident in YE 28 that resulted in the base’s AI going rogue; massacring most of the crew.

In late YE 28, the star fortress was renamed the Himitsu and moved into the Katsuko’s nebula where, in YE 29, it acted as a fall back point when Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX) forces assaulted Taiie and decimated the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet. Currently, it has been allocated to the Seventh Fleet


Himitsu means ‘secrecy’ and was named with the intention that it would be the Fifth’s last bastion of operations should all else fail.


Himitsu Star Fortress is a customized Iori-Class Star Fortress which has received several enhancements and upgrades to best suit the needs of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet. Himitsu is a sister base to the Hotaru Star Fortress and serves the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet’s primary base of operations in a supporting role.

NPC Contact

The communications specialist for this base is Reginleif Miura, a Nekovalkyrja.


A triangular patch, white and rimmed with ????, that points downwards. On the patch is an arming sword wrapped in chains. The ship’s motto is written, parchment style, above the triangle.


“Secrecy is the element of all goodness; beauty and even virtue are mysterious.”

Current Crew Complement


Personnel: 11,444 (Before Armor Pilots, Sprites and Infantry)

Standard Complement

Command Staff:

  • 0001 Commander
  • 0001 First Officer
  • 1880 Intelligence Officers
  • 0060 Stellar Cartographers/Navigators
  • 0200 Communications Officers
  • 0130 Operations Officers
  • 0002 Base Pilots

Crew Support Personnel:

  • 0200 Supply Officers
  • 0350 Cooking Staff
  • 0420 Science Officers
  • 0800 Medical Staff

Ship Support Personnel:

  • 0800 Tactical Specialists
  • 0600 Defensive Systems Specialists
  • 6000 Technical Sentries
  • 0420 Power Systems Specialists

Standard Armor Pilot Complement:

Standard Infantry Compliment:

Maximum Capacity:

The station can support up to 475,000 NH-29 Nekovalkyrja at any given time.

Inside the Himitsu Star Fortress

Command Zones

NECTAR (Nekovalkyrja Expeditionary Command & Tactical Analysis Room)

NECTAR is the command centre of the Himitsu Star Fortress, located in the heart of the fortress below the PANT-IES Core. From here the base commander or Taisho can command an entire fleet. The centre of the oval shaped room is lowered, in the center of which is a control table with volumetric projection capabilities; utilized for planning fleet movements, coordinating battlefield operations or any other mission specific tasks. Stairs accessing the lower area are arranged at all four major compass points. Two lifts access the NECTAR located on either side of the fleet communications stations at the rear. The Iori’s central tactical, CFS, and engineering monitoring stations are arranged towards the front of the room, with damage control and logistics located respectively starboard and port.

Flight Control

Staffed by NH-12 Nekovalkyrja personnel, this miniature command center is responsible for managing all power armour and shuttle traffic in the bases’ region of influence. During combat situations there is a full staff of twenty sprites; during normal conditions there are only four sprites on duty. This is one of many auxiliary control points located inside the fortress in case NECTAR is destroyed or compromised.

Production Bay Control Room

There is one Production Bay Control Room located in each of the sixteen massive docking/manufacturing bays. These facilities are where starship production, upgrade and repair procedures are coordinated and overseen. Several workstations devoted to controlling manufacturing equipment, design specifications and troubleshooting are clustered throughout the centre. There is a large transparent Zesuaium-t viewport which overlooks each bay, in front of the window is a control console specified for use by the duty officer for that bay.

Nodal Interface War Room Simulation Chamber

PANTHEON’s incredible power put into visualization. Through volumetric projection and utilization of the nodal system, real-time environments within the fleet can be projected into this room. Visualize battlefields from unique vantage points, like standing on the dorsal surface of a ship surrounded by enemy vessels. Overlays can be produced with tactical or other sensor data to further enhance the experience. Through interaction with the PANTHEON network, a commanding officer can control entire fleets of ships or armors from this room.

Deck Management Office

Each of the base’s eight hundred and fifty decks has a two interconnected office spaces devoted to the duty officer for each deck. There is space for two to three support personnel, ten security personnel in the front room, and a spacious office with a desk for the duty officer, generally ranked Shoi or Chui, in the rear. Deck command offices have limited access to the bases systems but allow for coordination of repairs, security or personnel management for the deck.

Fleet Logistics Center

The flow of supplies and personnel are vital to the survival of the fleet. A comfortable office space that is occupied by the fleet’s Chief Logistics Commander and staff. Whether it is ensuring ships in the fleet have the best power armor available; or ensuring that shuttle is there to take a soldier to a new post this office is fully manned at all times and is always bustling with activity.

Engineering/Space Dock Zones

Main Engineering

The lower most three decks of the base are home to this behemoth area filled with workstations, access point to Standard Star Army Maintenance Conduits, Aether power generators, and other vital systems. The base’s massive Hyperspace Fold Drive and Transuniversal Teleportation Drive are housed in the core of the room which is open to all three decks. Engineering also houses the main junction for the base's Hemosynthetic Conduit System and life support systems.

Engineering is an alternate control point, allowing for command of the Iori to be transferred there if NECTAR is destroyed or compromised.

System Alcoves

Located sporadically throughout the base these alcoves house some of the Aether power generators and backup heavy quantum power generators providing essential systems with power. The Hemosynthetic Conduit System junctions are located in a small access shaft that runs aft of the entryway, along with access to the Standard Star Army Maintenance Conduits . These areas are generally heavily patrolled by security and secured with force fields.

Production/Docking Bays

The Iori provides internal docking facilities for sixteen ships with dimensions up to 1981.2m by 1066.8m by 1173.5m (6500’ x 3500’ x 3850’). The Kyoto-class Carrier (which measures 6250’ x 3000’ x 3600’) was one of the largest Star Army of Yamatai ships at the time, and the bays were designed around it. The main bays run along the outer edge (with the doorway on the end of the bay facing out) of the station’s huge dish-like center pod. These large bays are capable of producing or refitting ships inside, including multiple ships at once.

Multi-purpose Rapid Launch Bays

These bays run beneath the Production/Docking Bays, and are the height of three average deck sections. The combined bay serves for the launch of shuttles and armours. The floor is a glossy, polished black and the walls are made of the typical gray paneling found in most Star Army ships.

Systems alcoves line the forward most section of the bays, as well as pilot locker storage and weapon holds for armour weaponry and accessories. In the event of an emergency, blast shutters and force fields can seal the armor bay off from the rest of the base.

Crew Amenities/Habitat Zones

Crew Accommodations & Services

Passageways & Lifts

The lifts provide quick access from deck to the deck. Lift can also be used to travel to other ships when vessels link together (most Star Army ships have standard gauges of lift systems, allowing lift cars to move from ship to ship).

Chiharu Style Suites

There are two of these suites located side by side on the Iori. Reserved for the Base Commander and the fleet's Taisho.

Five floors of luxury. A highly customizable space to give the flag officers an oasis from the daily stresses of command. Drenched in the riches of the empire its finely hand-woven carpets, marble flooring, and three level bathhouse. It truly is grand. The first floor has open living space with a restroom off to the side, in which it is the option of the commanding officer upon arrival as to what furnishings and decor are put in the space. The second floor is the private area where the officer will sleep and work during off-duty hours. Space is included for up to a king sized bed, as well as any other furnishings requested. A small office area is included on this level to provide access to the base's databases and systems for those late nights. The three level bathhouse includes a massive steam room, several hot tubs, and a bath/shower chamber that takes up an entire floor.

Evening Star Spring

A modest facility at affordable prices, the Evening Star Springs offer accommodation to those staying on the Himitsu. It is on the concourse level just outside of the spaceport to allow for maximum patron flow for those wishing to release stress from long trips. It also offers professional massage rooms if the patrons so wish but they can also be used for other things as well. It offers a small tea-room and traditional fare for relatively cheap.

Kyoto War College Extension

The Himitsu Star Fortress contains a fully sanctioned Kyoto War College extension. Equiped with the best facilities the 5th can offer, it provides the most advanced officer training program available to the Star Army and the quality of its instructors rival even those stationed at Kyoto proper. Each and every soldier who enters this prestigious facility is a true-blood member of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet, and every graduate is loyal as they are skilled.


Noted Customization/Improvements

Weapons Loadout

Aether Detonator

This powerful weapon generates a powerful pulse that releases the potential energy of its target, specifically fifth-dimensional time energy. This results in the total annihilation of a spherical area around 100 million miles in diameter.

  • Primary Purpose: Anti-Warship/Anti-Planet
  • Range: 5 LY
  • Damage: Tiers 15
  • Rate of Fire: Under optimal conditions, the aether detonator can transmit once every three and a half minutes.
  • Payload: Unlimited

KFY-C8-W29A01 Positron 'Striker' Arrays (50)

A smaller rapid fire adaptation of the Type 26-A with an anti-mecha purpose in mind. Highly compressed 200 kg positron shells (much smaller than the Type A) are fired at a speed of 900c. Shells are fired with a subspace pulse, accelerating them to FTL speeds and are protected with electromagnetic shielding until they leave the firing port. Each port can fire a shell every 5 seconds and there can be up to 250 ports in every array.

The shells inflict heavy damage and are delivered in high yields to incoming enemy mecha. The positrons annihilate electrons they come in contact with, thus destabilizing and destroying molecules, and creating an enormous energy surge through the mecha.

This weapon was specifically designed for the Type 29 production line and refit schedule.

  • Primary Purpose: Anti-mecha
  • Secondary Purpose: Assault
  • Damage: Tier 11, Medium Anti-Starship
  • Range: 600,000 miles
  • Rate of Fire: Every 5 seconds/port (250 shots/second/array)
  • Payload: Two Hundred shots per hour, per port. Self regenerating.

Heavy Subspace-Encased Particle Cannons (10)

The Star Army of Yamatai particle cannon, like the SMX tunnelling cannons it was reverse engineered from, has astounding shield and armour piercing properties while also compromising the target’s power grid from the backlash of positive energy released on impact. The cannons are typically mounted on turrets with a gyroscopic mount to offer optimal tracking and firing arcs.

  • Primary Purpose: Anti-starship
  • Secondary Purpose: Assault
  • Damage: Tier 12, Heavy Anti-Starship
  • Range: 1 AU
  • Rate of Fire: Twice every 15 seconds.
  • Payload: Effectively unlimited, so long as the ship provides power

Projected Energy Beams (320)

Weapons Pods (24,000)

Armor and Vehicles

Power Armor

For NH-29 and Yamataians:

For Planetary Soldiers:


Various Shuttles.


On-Base Food and Drink Options

Options for food and drink on this base.

Tokyo Brewing Company BrewPub

This Star Army Bases has an on-site vetted employee location of the Tokyo Brewing Company. It is a BrewPub location and its current menu is the Tokyo Brewing Company BrewPub Menu (YE 43). The location opened in YE 43.

Kikyo Pie Company

This Star Army Bases has an on-site vetted employee location of the Kikyo Pie Company. They offer delivery anywhere on base.

OOC Notes

Star Army Bases & Facilities
TypeStar Fortress
DescriptionFleet Base
OrganizationSeventh Fleet
Contact NameReginleif Miura
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