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Elysian Naval Arsenal

The Elysian Naval Arsenal is a massive Star Army of Yamatai and Elysian Celestial Navy shared facility that serves as a storage, maintenance, and production facility for military equipment. The Arsenal is located on the surface of Keren III in the Keren System.

Star Army Logistics Emblem

The current commander is Chujo Iemochi Feyani.


As of YE 41 Eli Destin has been assigned as the point-of-contact for this facility.

Eli Destin


Following the Battle of Elysia in YE 31, where Star Army of Yamatai forces fought the NMX in Elysian Space, the Elysian Celestial Empire rejoined the Yamatai Star Empire. After the Second Mishhuvurthyar War ended in YE 33, the Star Army sought to fortify Elysian space and its fleets there by creating a new logistics hub. It began work on the Elysian Naval Arsenal in YE 34, which was completed by the end of the year.

In YE 41, Chujo Iemochi Feyani was assigned as the base commander.


Ground facilities are built in a traditional style reminiscent of great cathedrals and columned temples, made with free-standing giant stone bricks that will stand the test of time, and decorated with stained glass windows and elaborate carvings. Statues of great Elysian warriors stand on columns overlooking fountains and reflecting pools, watching over the great parade fields and plazas. Although built by the Star Army, it couldn't be more clear that it was built with Elysian design input and with great appreciation for Elysians.

Underground, the Naval Arsenal is equipped with armored bunkers designed to resist attack by starship weapons, connected by a vast network of utility tunnels and underground storage areas. It is quite a fortress.

Keren III is a high-gravity world (1.42 G).

On-Base Food and Drink Options

Options for food and drink on this base.

Tokyo Brewing Company BrewPub

This Star Army Bases has an on-site vetted employee location of the Tokyo Brewing Company. It is a BrewPub location and its current menu is the Tokyo Brewing Company BrewPub Menu (YE 43). The location opened in YE 43.

Kikyo Pie Company

This Star Army Bases has an on-site vetted employee location of the Kikyo Pie Company. They offer delivery anywhere on base.


The Elysian Naval Arsenal is reachable by shuttlecraft or by road.


Orbital Assets

OOC Notes

Written by Wes.

Star Army Bases & Facilities
TypeFleet Depot
LocationElysia Novus
DescriptionMinor Fleet Depot
OrganizationStar Army Logistics
Contact PageEli Destin
Places of the SARPiverse
Opened/Settled (YE)YE 34
Place Categoriesmilitary facility

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