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UX-13 Training Center (Fort Ready II)

“Success in every way”

The UX-13 Training Center Fort Ready II was built to train new soldiers of the Star Army of Yamatai. It was named after the original Fort Ready on Nataria System. Fort Ready's primary use was to train new recruits and get them ready for life as a soldier for the Yamatai Star Empire.


UX-13 I Has one shuttleport from which point the FR campus and other SAoY facilities are accessible by roads. The area around Fort Ready is mostly forest, however a large section has been cleared for the main campus. The forest borders most of the roads leading to the campus and borders the walls of the campus. Additional training grounds can be found by following trails into the forest.

Please note the environmental conditions on this planet: Forge


In YE 41, the UX-13 star system, including Forge, and this base, was conquered by forces from the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia during the Kuvexian Invasion of YE 41.

Fort Ready in Roleplay

In response to the need for a training plot, Wes created Fort Ready in summer 2007 (prior to the October 2007 forum move) to provide players a place to learn about the Star Army of Yamatai before being sent into one of the plot ships. So far, the plot has been through five cycles. Fort Ready is a good plot for new members to the Star Army website as it familiarizes users with, not only the RP style that Star Army follows, but also introduces new users into the elaborate and in-depth detail of the Star Army setting and equipment. Fort Ready is a play-by-post plot. Its forum is located here. Fort Ready is currently on it's sixth class.

The Fort Ready plot is currently closed.

Players are expected to post AT LEAST once a week.

Plot Audit Scores:

  • 04/2010: C
  • 01/2011: A

Personnel Assigned to Fort Ready II

Openings in Fort Ready II: The Fort Ready plot is currently Closed (not currently active).

Toushan Itsuki Shizuko Dahl Daniela Miller Honda Makoto Ketsurui Rikou Suigin Jairen




Valencia Ramiro Aendri Shasos'Shol Yamauchi Keiko Arai Saki Maeda Toshiaki Yoshiro Tanaka





The training center is built around a large courtyard and parade ground.

Basic Training Area

Placed around the main courtyard are the:

  • Barracks (for recruits; it is opposite the parade ground) - 1
  • Dining Facility - 2
  • Parade Ground - 3
  • School (where instruction is given) - 4

Central Area

Placed along the sides of the parade ground are various buildings, including the:

  • Administration Building - 5
  • Armory (power armors and weapons stored here) - 6
  • Barracks (for instructors) - 8
  • Central Issue Facility (where new soldiers are assigned standard issue items) - 9
  • Medical Center - 10
  • Military Police - 11
  • Fire Station - 12
  • Motor Pool (vehicle yard with maintenance and issue facilities) - 13
  • Uniform and equipment shop - 14

Entrance Area

On the opposite end of the parade ground is the entrance to the fort.

  • Security Checkpoint - 15
  • Gift Shop - 16
  • Parking Lot - 17
  • Visitor's Center - 18

Range Complex

Located further back in the woods behind the Basic Training Area, the base's range complexes include:

  • A gas chamber - 19
  • A grenade range - 20
  • A lake, for swimming and boating - 21
  • An energy pistol range - 22
  • An energy rifle range - 23
  • An off-road driving course - 24
  • Land Navigation Course - 25
  • The spaceport - 26

Additional Resources


Training Program

See: Basic Training Programs

  • Review Phase I
    • Overview of the Star Army
    • Star Army values and ethics
    • Teamwork
    • Self-Discipline
    • Basic Combat Skills
    • Skills Training
    • Equipment Familiarization and Use
    • Firefighting and Damage Control
    • Teamwork
    • Strategy
    • Field Exercises
    • Combat Simulation
    • Mission Scenario
    • Final Exam

OOC Notes

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