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Mass Cloning Facility, Type 30

The Mass Cloning Facility is a standardized factory complex that produces infantry soldiers for the Star Army of Yamatai. The Facility is snowflake-shaped, with 5 cloning wings and one administration and processing wing. Each cloning wing can make up to 50 bodies simultaneously.

Mass Cloning Facilities (sometimes referred to as “Trooper Poopers”) are typically constructed of either:

  • Locally available materials such as stone, metal, or brick
  • Prefabricated Durandium Alloy components shipped via starship, often surrounded with Sandbags.

Production Capabilities

Mass Production Infantry are typically Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 but can also be human, based on the needs and desires of the Star Army. Strong, healthy, genetically engineered bodies are artificially generated in hemosynthetic tubes. Each body is then infused with consciousness via a Mental Copy Machine with all the necessary skills for their job. Soldiers are then equipped with basic weaponry produced in the lower levels of the facility.

Nekovalkyrja take more time because of their more complex brains and gravity manipulation organs. “Human” also includes Human, Nepleslians, and Elysian Plebeians.

See also: Nekovalkyrja Creation Process

OOC Notes

Authored and approved by Wes on December 17, 20071)

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