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Star Army Recruitment Center

The Star Army Recruitment Center is a standardized building design for Star Army Recruiting and Star Army Personnel Command. The modular design makes these buildings perfect for quick construction or as pop-ups across the Yamatai Star Empire. It became available in YE 43.

Year of Creation YE 43
Designer Ketsurui Zaibatsu
Nomenclature Ke-P9-1A
Mobile Version Ke-P10-1A
Alt. Nomenclature N.A
Manufacturer Ketsurui Zaibatsu
Fielded by Star Army of Yamatai
Availability Limited Production
Price 80,000 KS

History and Background

In YE 42 when Ketsurui Hanako was promoted to Director Of Star Army Personnel, she requested that Ketsurui Zaibatsu design a Recruiting Center building that could be positioned in key locations in the Yamatai Star Empire. After various evaluations and planning the Star Army Recruitment Center was finalized and approved. The buildings and the mobile version would both be manufactured by Ketsurui Zaibatsu.

Building Design

The building has a dome architecture, with a smaller dome off to the side at the front next to the entrance doors. The smaller dome is where the “Star Army Experience” is located. There are Transparent Durandium skylights and windows that face outwards along the outer circumference of the main dome which are the windows for the meeting offices. There is an emergency exit from the smaller dome and at the rear of the main building.

The buildings are built on-site or prefabricated and delivered in modular sections.

Exterior designs include; garden planter boxes and flag poles to display the flags of the Yamatai Star Empire and the Star Army of Yamatai.

Inside The Star Army Recruitment Center

Star Army of Yamatai Recruiting Centers are designed to be bright, welcoming buildings designed to be inviting to potential candidates. They serve as a platform for the Star Army Personnel Command, and Star Army Recruiter to do their jobs.

The Star Army Experience

The Star Army of Yamatai is a sophisticated Solid Volumetrics experience that is only available at the modular builds. It is a twenty-minute presentation that presents a fact-sharing interactive that shares the history of the Star Army of Yamatai since its founding in YE 21. The motivational, entertainment-style driven program also showcases the latest Star Army Equipment, Star Army Starships as well as some of the more prestigious deployment locations such as the newly built Aquarius Star Fortress.

The interactive gives the observer opportunities to limitedly control the narrative so they can focus on areas that suit their interests, such as the presentation of the Occupations in the Star Army of Yamatai and the honor associated with enlisted, commissioned, and life long commitments to the Star Army. The adaptive program is driven by the recruitment center's MEGAMI, which deploys its sentient skills at identifying hot button interests like a fascination in the YSS Eucharis or Kaiyō and their most publicized missions.

The program may seem romanticized but, its goal is to create interest and stir the imagination while prompting candidates to ask the Star Army Recruiter that conducts their interview more of the tougher questions associated with recruitment and the process that remains with them through their entire military career.

The program runs in a specially designed dome-shaped room to the left of the main entrance. There is often a Star Army Recruiter that serves as a reception at the door to shift traffic towards the room as it is designed to be the first thing the candidate experiences when they arrive.

The Reception Area

The reception area is a comfortable room designed for candidates to wait for their interviews and meeting with the Star Army Recruiter. The room is a relatively customizable space generally outfitted with a few comfortable Star Army Sofa, Type 39, chairs and tables. Scheduled walkthroughs by Star Army Caretaker generally offer those waiting light refreshments, an assortment of free snacks, or instructions of how to get to and utilize the bank of vending machines. The waiting areas generally have Volumetric Display that show feeds from Star Army News Distribution and Reporting Agency.

The actual reception desk is located in the aft section of a replica, a hatch-up model of the Ke-T10 "Fukuro" Multi-Role Shuttle. The replicas were actually planning models donated by Ketsurui Fleet Yards and the Star Army of Yamatai has forty of them on hand. They don't have actually functioning systems but they are lit up and provide a point of interest to keep the candidate's attention after the interactive experience they were given on arrival. 1)

The Hallways

The hallways are Standard Passageways to give the feeling of being present on a Star Army of Yamatai vessel. The behind panel storage provides space for office supplies, extra chairs, and any equipment like Star Army Datapad, Type 33 that the Star Army Recruiter may need. Vending machines are often scattered through the building to offer low priced snacks and refreshments for both staff and candidates. Four restrooms are accessible to visitors and staff.

Meeting Offices

Star Army Recruiter meet with candidates in small, functional offices equipped with a desk and a couple of chairs. Display cases of Star Army Awards & Medals and Star Army Uniforms past and present often cover the walls along with posters for various scenic locations at Star Army Bases. The offices offer privacy so that the Star Army Enlistment Contract and other vital paperwork and processes can be explained in privacy and without interruption.

All workstations are equipped with both SPINE and traditional controls for non-Nekovalkyrja staff.

Management Offices

Larger more personalized and customizable offices are reserved for Star Army Personnel Command officers that oversee the day to day activities at the Recruiting Centers. Their offices tend to be more elaborate with larger desks and decorations offered with the higher rank and authority.

All workstations are equipped with both SPINE and traditional controls for non-Nekovalkyrja staff.

Staff Break Room

There is a staff break room that has a couple of Star Army Sofa, Type 39, and two circular tables with four chairs. The break room is equipped with a small kitchenette with refrigeration, a pantry, and a few freezer drawers to store food and beverages. There is also a small stove, a quick heat oven, and cupboards for the storage of serving vessels and silverware.


There is a small (single deck), and secured armory for Star Army personnel.


The Recruiting Centers are simple buildings, they are constructed out of Durandium Alloy and Transparent Durandium and their interior spaces are lined with Yarvex.

The buildings have their own dedicated Nodal Liquid Conduit System with Star Army Standard Life Support Systems. An Aether power unit provides power for the building and its MEGAMI which provides a secured connection to PANTHEON.

The Mobile Version

The mobile version of the Recruiting Center is the Type 43 Mobile Recruiting Center. It is a simple modified SSCC-XL that has four Meeting Offices, and a small lobby. It can be transported to a location with a tractor-trailer truck or by a suitable size starship. The container has been modified to have a front-facing entrance with an awning and a short stack of retractable stairs to provide access. Emergency egress is provided at both ends of the trailer. Each mobile center is equipped with Compact Integrated Electronics System (CIES).

The mobile centers are painted using Star Army of Yamatai livery, and have the Star Army Hinomaru next to the front entrance.

OOC Notes

Andrew created this article with assistance from Wes on 2021/01/28 18:58.

This was approved by Wes in this thread

This idea came from a real-life experience, in Canada, the Armed Forces sometimes set up pop-up recruitment in malls and it often includes a cool armored unit, where you walk up the ramp to the desk with the recruiters at it.

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