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Star Army Kamidana Kit, Type 38

The Type 38 Star Army Kamidana Kit is for use by Shinto members of Star Army of Yamatai. It became available in YE 38. It is a miniature personal shrine that can be utilized by one or two people.

Star Army personnel can obtain one at a Star Army Ship's Store or request one through Star Army Logistics via their supply officer.

Cost: 100 KS


The Star Army Kamidana Kit is available for Shinto personnel, so that they can set up their own personal Kamidanas within the field or within their quarters.


The kit is packaged within a wooden chest. The fragile contents are protected by miniature anti-gravity field generators, which prevent movement of the glassware.


The Kamidana Kit contains the following:

  • 1 Instruction Manual
  • 1 Wooden Chest, which transforms into a high shelf
  • 1 Wood Kamidana
  • 2 Small Saucers
  • A Lidded Bowl
  • 2 Mizuire (Vase-like lidded sake jars)
  • 2 Vases
  • 2 Candle Holders
  • 1 Kagami (Disk of polished metal, held on wooden stand)
  • 2 sprigs of Sakaki
  • Salt
  • Rice
  • 2 White Candles
  • One Ofuda inscribed with the essence of the Empress or Ketsurui Chiharu
  • Wood Box
  • Glass Panels (Installed as Glass Doors)

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