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Ke-M2-P2900 Power Armor Teleportation Unit

The Star Army Research Administration developed the new Ketsurui Fleet Yards Ke-M2-P2900 teleportation unit, primarily in the secret base system known as Scorpio. Given the unstable political times and the wars, SARA deemed secrecy a must and thus the system was successfully kept completely hidden from everyone but the researchers and selected members of Ketsurui. The Mindy's teleportation system has been tested to perfection over the last few years by an impressive number of prototypes in various training missions and real missions such as depositing agents on the YSS Horizon during the assassination of Kai Ashigari, and field-tested as early as YE 27 by Yui's identical daughter, Ketsurui Chiaki. After the devastating Battle of Hoshi no Iori, Taisho Yui, head of SARA, decided to put the teleportation system into action as a part of regular Star Army forces, starting with special forces and test units. It is accurate, but limited in ways that make equipping it to a starship an impossibility for the time being. These units will self-destruct if tampered with. No user-serviceable parts. Send damaged units back to Scorpio Star Fortress.

The Ke-M2-P2900 is no longer in production; it has been replaced by the Ke-M2-P3000 Power Armor Teleportation Unit.

  • Range: About 3 AU. Longer jumps could be made with the help of a starship IES and TQP-RDD.
  • Maximum Mass: Can safely transport up to about 250kg. Do not exceed, or partial teleportation may occur.
  • Damage: In atmospheric environments, causes mild shockwave of heat and sound. More dangerous indoors.
  • Charge Cycle: Approximately one full minute to charge, during which the main aether cannon shouldn't be used.

Entered Service: YE 29

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