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Ke-S4-E3000 Moua Active Jammer

Operating out to a distance of 2 AUs, the Moua’s active jamming component couples active counter measures with effective white noise to scramble most enemy communication and sensor systems – rendering them effectively inoperable. When the Moua is active, the resulting effect on enemy vessels is usually enough to alert them to the ship’s presence, even if they cannot ascertain its actual location.

The Moua is not necessarily absolute though. It is possible for certain communication frequencies to be cleared prior to activating the Moua, and the same can be said for active sensor systems – allowing groups of Star Army ships to still coordinate themselves and monitor their environment. The same can be said for certain methods of transmission like point to point laser communication (which the Moua cannot block).

Date entered service: YE 30

Products & Items Database
Product NameMoua Active Jammer
ManufacturerKetsurui Fleet Yards
Year ReleasedYE 30

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