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Standard Star Army Dining Hall

Also commonly referred to as the Mess. It is the primary location onboard ship for crewmembers to eat.

The standard dining hall provides the following:

  • Seating for six people at ten tables for a total capacity of 60 persons. Tables are bolted to the deck for safety. In some installations the tables can be relocated for activities.
  • Serving area with cooks on hand to serve, and or buffets for self-service.
    • Dish dispenser for dinner plates, saucers, and bowls
    • Silverware dispenser
  • Hot and cold beverage serving area:
    • Coffee brewer
    • Hot water dispenser tea
    • Typical accessory items, stirring sticks, sweeteners, dairy and non-dairy creamers.
    • Cup and glass holders
    • Drink dispensor for cold beverages
  • Dirty dish and silverware drop off point
  • Automated dish washing system
  • Waste recepticals

Note: Variations typcially are based on intended serving capacity.

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