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Ke-P1 Series Umbilical

The Ke-P1 Umbilicals were created for use with the Collapsible Rapid Deployment Module in YE 31.

The basic umbilical is a reinforced frame with a flexible membrane over it. They are designed to attach at the various hatches on the CRDM. This allows multiple CRDM's to be connected to maintain a controlled environment within the collection. Each module has a locking seal that secures it and provides an airtight seal. Some modules have extensions available for mating to the side of the CRDM. The floors are covered in a non-skid material for safety. The ceiling is reinforces with ribbing a tinted to limit the amount of sunlight.

The Umbilicals come in the following forms

Ke-P1-M3100 - Straight

This is the basic interconnect. It is typically attached to the ends of the CRDM's but can be attached to the side hatch by means of extensions.


  • Length: 6 meters
  • Height: 3.5 meters
  • Width: 2 meters

Straight Umbilical

Straight Umbilical between two CRDM

Ke-P1-M3101 - 4 Way Junction

4 Way Junction

Connected CRDM

Ke-P1-M3102 - Corner


Ke-P1-M3103 - Airlock


Ke-P1-M3300 - Hub


Hub with eight CRDM

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