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Ke-P1-S3300 Air Containment Force Field

The Ke-P1-S3300 ACFF allows the occupants to enter and exit the Collapsible Rapid Deployment Module with losing atmospheric integrity. It became available in YE 33.

About the ACFF

With the Collapsible Rapid Deployment Module seeing more usage as part of the Type 33 Prefab Outpost Modules they were having to operate in a variety of hostile and toxic atmospheres. The ACFF creates a low level force field that keeps the internal environment separate from the external. It uses the same principle found on most Star Army of Yamatai ships power armor bays.


The ACFF is mounted on the exterior of the module where the umbilical would normally attach. An umbilical can be attached to the ACFF. One Ke-P1-S3300 contains sufficient equipment to cover all three exits.


On the Module the ACFF is always left operating on the side hatch. It is kept in a standby state on the end hatches. Cycling the end hatch causes the ACFF to activate before the door opens. The ACFF can be used on hostile, toxic and vacuum worlds. In the case of hostile and toxic atmosphere, the CRDM is over-pressurized to prevent exterior gases from entering during a occupant entering or exiting.

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