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Obsolete Star Army Equipment

Over its long and illustrious existence as a powerful military force, the Star Army of Yamatai has nonetheless used numerous ships, weapons, armors, vehicles and other numerous pieces of equipment during its many campaigns. As a result, the list of Star Army Equipment is highly extensive. However, as time has passed, some have been modernized and continue to see use, while others are phased out of service to be replaced with new models. As a direct result of this, the following list consists of the numerous items which are no longer in service with the Star Army of Yamatai.

Despite this however, some may be found being sold as surplus, sitting in storage depots, 'bone yards' or - in the worst case scenario - within the black market itself. In other cases, some may continue to see limited use for various reasons, be they desperation or fondness.


Capital Ships (Battleships, Cruisers, and Carriers)

Troop Transports

Escorts and Gunships


Specialty Ships


Fighters and Bombers

Starship Systems


Personal Gear



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