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Star Army Clerk

Clerk is an administrative career occupation and/or duty position of the Star Army of Yamatai that deals with personnel management. It was named as an official occupation in YE 33. Clerks may also serve as yeomen and can be referred to as such. On small starships, the First Officer may perform duties of a clerk.

The occupational uniform color for clerks was originally white; in YE 40 it was changed to Mint.

The clerk character can be a player character, a secondary player character (staying mostly in the background), or an NPC that a player has permission to control; the important thing is to have a dedicated person or group of people behind her that are contributing to the plot by helping take care of the management workload both in and out of character. The clerk position lets even newer players help with the plot's OOC management. Players of clerks should be good writers and comfortable with basic mathematics. The clerk should always be played by a volunteer; the responsibility should never be forced on an unwilling player.

Duties and Responsibilities

A Star Army Clerk is responsible for:


The clerk position helps take some of the strain off of the commanding officer and is appreciated. Clerks who are performing well may receive special benefits. In order to include the clerk players in the action, Game Masters are encouraged to let them control an NPC or two.

When playing a clerk, a player is able to:

  • Create Star Army NPCs and assign them to the ship (these can be controlled with GM permission).
  • Award cash bonuses to player characters who are doing a great job (up to 500 KS monthly)
  • Kick out fellow players that do not meet the posting requirements and are slowing down the plot via issuing them reassignment orders (consult the GM first, please).
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