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Star Army Command Staff

Command Staff is a general occupation for high-level Star Army officers in the who work in executive leadership positions as commanding officers of a unit, office, or other organization that makes up part of the Star Army. For example, fleet admirals or the director of Star Army Personnel Command.

Note: There are more specific articles for starship captains and first officers which should be be used instead of this article when appropriate.


At the time of its creation, the Star Army's initial leadership was chosen by Her Imperial Majesty Empress Yuumi I of Yamatai in YE 22 and included her sister, Ketsurui Yui, who, at the time, was a Taisa in the UE Spacy under the Ketsurui Uesu administration.

As of YE 41, there are still quite a few Ketsurui Clan members in the Star Army's command staff.


Star Army Command Staff Officers invariably wear uniforms with white panels on them. It is common for them to wear duty uniforms with a Star Army Officer's Cap, Type 36 with a white cover that indicates they are in command.

Occupational Codes

The Occupational Code for command staff is 10. General command staff officers will be just “10” while specific occupations have letters added:

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