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Star Army Infantry

Recognizable by their cornflower blue colored panels, these tough and numerous soldiers of the Star Army of Yamatai typically wear power armors and fight both in space and on planets.

They will typically be trained for planetary or space infantry roles during their time training. They often fight alongside personnel of other occupations. More often than not, the Infantry Nekovalkyrja Type 33 is cloned to fill the need for infantry in the Star Army. Very rarely are cornflower blue panels out of their armor during missions unless location or lack of equipment disallows them from using it. Infantry soldiers train constantly, both to combat boredom (between battles) and to hone the skills they need for victorious battles.

The Yamataigo (邪馬台語) word for infantry is hohei (歩兵).


This occupation is as old as the Star Army of Yamatai itself. There used to be a disctinction between spacey-type Nekovalkyrja and Army-type Neko, notable most apparently in the colors of their hair. Spacey infantry Nekovalkryja would have blue hair while their ground counterparts had green hair. Now that distinction is not so apparent as anybody can join and both space-born and ground forces receive the same training. Before the advent of power armor, there were also two types of ground infantry; heavy infantry used full body armor and/or vehicles whereas light infantry used only torso armor and may have been on foot. It is now the most common occupation within the military force.

Types of Infantry

There are two main types of Star Army infantry. They are listed below as well as pictures of their patches and descriptions of expectations of each type of infantry. Planetary infantry patchSpace Infantry Patch

Types of Infantry

The most common types of Infantry used by the Star Army of Yamatai.

  • Space Infantry:

Deployed from ships for boarding actions and typically use the Mindy, which are used predominantly as fighter vehicles.

  • Planetary Infantry:

Deployed to a planet's surface and typically use the Daisy.


There are no prerequisites in becoming an infantryman of the Star Army of Yamatai.


After basic, infantry receive three months of training and in that time, may learn survival training for different environments, demolition training, advanced weapon training, how to build structures, as well as fighting vehicle, support vehicle, and aerospace vehicle training. They are almost always sent on an away team during a mission. Cornflower blue paneled Star Army personnel are well-trained and adept at these skill sets by the time their training is done.


The minimum rank for this occupation is Santô Hei and the maximum rank is Taisa.


Star Army Infantry can be found onboard starships where they conduct both defensive (repel boarders/provide point defense for a ship) and offensive (board enemy ships/attack enemy ships) operations. They can also be found operating on planets as away teams. These are known as Space Infantry.

Planetary infantry can be found within Star Army Rikugun units where they conduct defensive and offensive operations within planetary conditions. Rikugun units (Giretsu) and legions may be cross-trained with their space counterparts and aare ble to operate in a wide variety of environments. Within the Rikugun, infantry officers that are not given a command position (Platoon Leader, XO, Commander) are usually found within staff positions filling a number of positions from planning to logistics and intelligence if more specialized officers are unavailable.

If the infantry isn't in the direct line of fire, they are training to be able to survive combat. Here are other highlights on how to play an infantryman:

  • They should appropriately check in with their superior or commanding officers.
  • They should be focused on training exercises.
  • They should gain and understanding of the the equipment, weapons, ammunition, explosives, vehicles, and other gear frequently used in the Star Army of Yamatai.
  • They should be ready to engage in combat and mission-specific tasks as directed by their commanding officers.


In addition to the Star Army Common Skills, an infantryman's skills may vary based on their proficiencies.

Here is a list of additional skill areas an infantry person may have:

  • Demolitions (explosives identification, manufacture, handling, disposal)
  • Survival and Military (Finding water, land navigation, shelter construction, hunting, signaling, camouflage)
  • Vehicles: (Mecha, tanks, cars, trucks, hovercraft. [Power Armor goes under Fighting and Physical])

As well as other possibilities depending on your character's history and interests.

Player Expectations

Players with infantry characters are expected to have a basic understanding of infantry tactics and be prepared to research those topics more in-depth.

List of Star Army Infantry

These are the characters currently listed as Star Army Infantry.

Infantry Neko Infantry Neko

#PageSAOY Assignment
1Aayliah FurvenYSS Shinsugo
2Abart'huse TheisilisYSS Kaiyō II
3Aendri Shasos'SholYSS Hokorimasu
4Akira SasakiYSS Yugumo
5Akitoku YuaYSS Hokorimasu
6Akuma KageYSS Komainu
7Amaterasu EmiYSS Takamagahara
8Aoba AkasaYSS Battle Of Yamatai
9April JacksonFifth Standard Fleet
10Arai SakiYSS Aeon
11Cheilith UnkniftoYSS Resurgence
12Clyde McBruntelYSS Aeon II
13Colby WandoYSS Aeon II
14DarkSky JonathanFort Minori
15Eguchi, EiseiYSS Ryūjō
16Enime SusuyuYSS Miharu II Personnel
17Fury PowersYSS Sakura II
18Halsie NighniYSS Kaiyō II
19Harada IngridYSS Ryūjō
20Hiroki ShibuyaGiretsu Century of the 75th Legion
21Im'inao AsineYSS Integrity
22Inoue KikoYSS Vesper
23Inoue RinaYSS Vesper
24Jennifer Rose CarlierYSS Aeon II
25Jo Midorinone
26Kamiya MisakuraNSS Wrath of Nepleslia: Shadow of a Gilded Age
27Kana ChikoYSS Kanagawa
28Kin NakamuraYSS Genesis
29Kiyo WeeyicoYSS Kaiyō II
30Klaus KuroganeYSS Artemis
31Lauren StrongYSS Kaiyō II
32Leeta AoiYSS Kaiyō II
33Masashi HansenGiretsu Century of the 75th Legion
34Masatane SaigaYSS Adventure
35Matsuvo ShinomoriFort Minori
36Mikael HarrisGiretsu Century of the 75th Legion
37Nakama OsakuraYSS Kōkatsu
38Nakano ChiyoYSS Aeon II
39Niwa BelemtalYSS Artemis
40Oshiro ArkaseYSS Integrity
41Peio MuyomiYSS Kaiyō II
42Perry FossmanYSS Aeon II
43Reid BarrickYSS Kanagawa
44Reina MadokaYSS Kaiyō II
45Samael DarkfireYSS Eucharis
46Sanada YuzuharaYSS Integrity
47Shinon MaverickBlack Knights
48Sibyl AlersYSS Aeon II
49Suzuki AkiraYSS Kanagawa
50Taki JiraiYSS Aeon II
51Vergil DiPaoloneeds_new_assignment
52Vis'Thraugh, AraanYSS Integrity
53Werner WalstraSquad 13
54Yoshihara MayaYSS Senbu

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