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Star Army Information Technology

Information Technology Specialists deal with the [computer] software side of running starships. Their programming skills keep automated and semi-automated facilities running smoothly, efficiently, and securely. As a subset of technicians, IT personnel also wear uniforms with red (#96081C) panels.

Kurita Tomomi Masahiro Egil


The Information Technology occupation did not exist in the Star Army of Yamatai until YE 30. Before that, computers were the domain of Star Army Technicians, or (more often the case for serious issues) civilian and government workers from Kessaku Systems. The militarization of computer specialists reflects the Star Army's increased emphasis on hacking and counter-hacking, as well as embracing the military-open-source movement to allow ships to modify, update, and add to code as needed.

Common Tasks

  • Debug a program
  • Decipher enemy communications
  • Defend against enemy intrusion attempts
  • Infiltrate an enemy network
  • Write a computer program

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