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Star Army Military Police

The officers from the Star Army Military Police corps form the uniformed law enforcement of the Star Army of Yamatai. Where standard investigations are conducted by Investigators, the more classified and extreme investigations are done by Special Investigators. while VIP protection is done by Close Protection Specialists.


In YE 37 the Military Police was formed within the Star Army of Yamatai. In YE 39 Chujo Iemochi Feyani reformed it into its current structure.


Military Police are expected to receive proper training in their respective role they require to perform at their designated assignment. Soldiers in this occupation need to know how the Military Law, Civilian Law and Star Army Regulations stand for and works.


The minimum rank for this occupation is Santô Hei and the maximum rank is Taisa.

Branch Roles


The Star Army of Yamatai began training investigators in YE 31 in response to the leadership's need for making sure proper procedures were being followed on Star Army ships. They wear navy blue uniforms with a red shoulder brassard labeled “MP” for military police. While there is a visible presence of these soldiers on many ships, soldiers with additional specialties can be put into undercover roles using these other skills as cover. They also garrison and guard bases and gates to Star Army Facilities.

  • Assist a ship's leadership in keeping things legal.
  • Investigate charges of offenses committed in Star Army facilities or territory.
  • Observe ships to make sure orders are legal in accordance with Yamataian law and Star Army regulations.
  • Observe and report on ships' loyalty to prevent suspected defections and mutinies.
  • Garrison locations, such as gates or other positions.

Close Protection Specialists

The Star Army of Yamatai began training close support specialists in YE 39 after several cases of ranking officers' security being put at risk in unforeseen circumstances. With the removal of the Ketsurui Samurai from the Star Army of Yamatai, they were broadly deployed as their replacements. They are exceptionally well trained in VIP defense of all forms and forseeing potential risks.

Close Protection Specialists are picked from the ranks of experienced soldiers across the Star Army for their incredible dedication to the Star Army of Yamatai and their respect of the chain of command. To qualify as a Close Protection Specialist, one must first be NCO grade or higher then attend the necessary course. Any blemish on an official record immediately rules out the candidate.

Close Protection Specialists are assigned as personal security for officers Chusa or higher as bodyguards and security advisers. As they are also experienced NCOs or COs, they can offer general advice as well to the officer given their experience, acting almost as a personal Senior Enlisted Advisor. They wear navy blue uniforms with a red shoulder brassard labeled “MP” for military police.

  • Provide command officers with constant personal security.
  • Advise these officers on security matters.
  • Provide on hand advise from an NCO or potentially CO point of view when required.

To become an Overseer1) and be ultimately responsible for 30 Close Protection Specialists and their assigned officers, you must have earned a medal for valor. This is due to the rarity and aptitude required for the position as it is essentially 30 times rarer than Captains and Admiralty. Hence, if you are being protected by a Close Protection Overseer it is the highest of honour guards.

Special Investigators

The Star Army of Yamatai began training special investigators in YE 39 in response to the realization that standard investigators were not capable of dealing with extreme high-level breaches of regulation. Prior to their formation, regular Investigators performed the duties of special investigators on an ad-hoc basis based on their ability, but it soon came to light they were simply not trained to handle matters in a manner professionally equivalent to the Yamatai Department of Justice. This is therefore the most elite section of the Star Army Military Police, notwithstanding the Overseers and PMO.

They perform the highest level of the investigation if called upon including but not limited to corruption, serious war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, massacres, spying, and mutiny. They wear navy blue uniforms with a red shoulder brassard labeled “MP” for military police. In addition, to distinguish them from standard investigators, their collars and badges are colored matte black. They have earned the title “Harbingers” as their presence normally hints that something sinister is afoot.

These soldiers have a reputation of being slightly unhinged due to what they see and experience in their line of work, though they undergo a psychological evaluation after each assignment. They often work undercover to accomplish their goals and only show their badge when the time is right.

  • Counter-espionage.
  • Oversee processing of serious charges.
  • Investigate charges into high-ranking personnel.
  • Coordinate observation on large ships to make sure orders are legal in accordance with Yamataian law and Star Army regulations.
  • Observe and report on ranking officers' loyalty to prevent suspected defections and mutinies.


Characters in this occupation have all the Star Army Common Skills.

They should also be skilled in:

  • They should have a decent knowledge of investigation management
  • Crime scene management is required to perform their duties better
  • Teamwork and decision making to perform on utmost efficiency

Player Expectations

Key laws to know:

Another set of guides that can be helpful is:

List of Star Army Military Police

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