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Star Army Starship Operations

Starship Operators are controllers and pilots of the ships of the Star Army of Yamatai. Being Starship Ops generally means being on the bridge of a starship. Starship Operators wear uniforms with gray panels.

Valencia Ramiro Asrid Thorsson

Specializations and Bridge Operations

Although the exact jobs and seating arrangements change from ship to ship, Ship Operators - while capable of sitting any seat, theoretically - are often divided into four general, overall task groups on the bridge, simplified here:

Starship Systems

Starship Bridge

Manning the Systems and Safety Monitoring station on the bridge, starship operators assigned to ship systems are responsible for adjusting the ship's combined field system for propulsion, shields, and stealth; for ship systems such as generators, capacitors, weapons, and STL propulsion, for monitoring the ship's overall condition in regards to functionality; for damage control and communicating with technicians, and to maintain onboard ship security.

In combat, the person in this position reports shield and hull integrity.

OOC Note: The player whose PC is in this position should assist the GM in tracking shield and structural points.

Combat Systems

Combat Systems and Weapons Arrays handle the targeting and scanning systems during combat, assisted by the ship's computer. The function of this position is relatively simple: shoot the enemies.

OOC Note: This is a great job for a player that loves to describe explosions. :-)

Sensors and External Communications

This position, sometimes manned by a science officer, is responsible scientific surface and space scanners, communications with other ships, and management of the ship's electronic warfare suite.

OOC Note: Scans should be posted as in-character actions, so that the Game Master can know what to post for results. If a GM posts results without being ask, it can result in the player having to echo the GM, which is not very interesting for the player.

Ship Piloting and Navigation

The Ship's Pilot/Navigator usually handles piloting and navigating, both inside and outside of combat situations. In practice, some ship captains take this position.

Because most Star Army ships are very fast and very small, they can get out of the way of most incoming attacks. It is up to the pilot to ensure that it happens. In combat, an inattentive pilot can lead to more damage to the ship.

Common Bridge Practices and Operations

  • It is a common practice in Yamataian ships to 'Plug in' prior to entering hostile territory. Using the SPINE interface, Nekovalkyrja directly link themselves to their stations, and begin speaking telepathically rather than verbally. This is to compensate for the fast-paced nature of pocket-battleship combat and although non-Nekovalkyrja are allowed to become Starship Operators, they are often required to find some way to keep the blazing pace of their Nekovalkyrja counterparts, leading some captains to restrict non-Nekovalkyrja from serving as bridge personnel during combat. NOTE: A security watch is often posted inside the bridge when an operator is linked up, to ensure the security of the space.
  • It is customary for fixed, forward weaponry to be under the control of the pilot during combat situations, and any turret, missile, or mobile-based weaponry to fall under the Weapons Systems operator's responsibilities.

Relationship With Computer

The starship operator should have a pretty intimate relationship with her computer. While an engineer may become friends with the MEGAMI, the comm/sensor specialist is always attached to a terminal, in constant contact with MEGAMI. The starship operator's job, indeed, IS to understand and be the MEGAMI's friend. In time, MEGAMI should be able to relate to the specialist, and may, in fact, pick up some of his/her quirks. Focus on developing this relationship when you have difficulty coming up with 'adventurous' or 'technical' things to do. Make this something special, a connection that only someone who constantly talks and is in contact with the MEGAMI should have.

Idea Dump

  • Do not respond to distress signals without the captain's permission.

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