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Star Army Technician/Engineer

Technicians keep the ship and its accessories in working order and make repairs after the ship is damaged. Technicians wear uniforms with red (#96081C) panels.


  • Know your starship and all its systems, both the class and its unique modifications
  • Know the repair equipment aboard and where it is located
  • Keep the ship in top condition through regularly role-played maintenance.
    • Look for wear and tear on the ship's parts
  • Manage damage control efforts
    • Investigate and identify damage
    • Prioritize repairs
    • Repair damaged systems
    • Order supplies, systems, and parts if/when needed
    • Replace totaled systems and parts
  • Power Armor and shuttle upkeep and repair

Nayacesen Takeyu Ruby Tetsuya Eiko


A starship is a large, complex collection of equipment, comprised of several dangerous and volatile systems which, if left to run unattended, would very likely degenerate to the point of self-destruction (or worse) within the span of a week. The humble Hei ensures that these systems remain operational using both routine scheduled maintenance and emergency maintenance, and furthermore it is the Hei who advances Yamataian technology with ingenious skill so that we remain ahead of our contemporaries in other services. It is, in short, engineers - you people - who keep the Empire alive today. It is a grave oversight that the Empire does not award medals specifically for excellence in this important field, but such is the life of a Hei!

Read more here: Engineer's Guide to the Galaxy (WIP)


OOC Notes

Becker and Cherry artwork by marugo-chi on DeviantArt; commissioned by Wes.

Chibis by Raph

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