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Star Army Reconnaissance

Star Army Reconnaissance, also called the Teisatsu (偵察 in Yamataigo), is the Star Army of Yamatai's guerrilla and rapid response Corps1). It falls under its parent corps of Star Army Infantry. Its primary focus is on undetected observation at and behind enemy lines, to serve as a prewarning and on-demand element to assist the main force operations. It serves as a flexible scouting force performing harassment, distraction, sabotage and patrolling around or ahead of a main force. They also provide first response and distributed presence along fronts too wide to scatter the main battle force across.


In general, Star Army Reconnaissance troops - also known as Rangers - operate with severely reduced supplies due to their nature of being far from the main force and spending extended periods of time in static positions. Speed and detection is almost always prioritised over survivability. Recon has a higher fatality rate than many other corps due to the nature of their work, hence providing slow and over-armoured equipment would be inefficient. Their independence from supplies and equipment has made them known at Star Army Logistics as the 'Nomads without Food-packs'.


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Most Recon facilities are mobile structures or based upon ships, due to the fluid nature of the Garrison regiment as to provide support as and when needed for hostile incursions. Additionally, such structured may follow along with a main fleet force to help organise and relay information gathered to the correct channels or provide more rapid instructions to units. There are relatively few dedicated facilities, given Recon are dispersed amongst other fighting forces and are not generally centralised in one place.

There are however, dedicated offices for Recon and the rest of the forces on most Star Army bases, and Reconnaissance Command operates from Jiyuu System when not deployed, or on the cruiser YSS Defacto when operating. The Defacto is a state-of-the-art command ship, camouflaged as an exploration vessel to prevent suspicion, and most of its laboratory decks have been replaced by barracks', armouries, hangars, and weapon bays. Each regiment also has possession of a Plumeria-class (2E) Medium Gunship to operate independently.

Below are some important facilities for Recon:


Star Army Reconnaissance is directed by Ranger Captain Hibe Kanachi, a Shôshô under the Chujo of Infantry. It is composed of four Regiments, which consist of Rangers with experience in specific areas, though transfers are fluid. These consist of Far Line, Guerrilla, Garrison and Unconventional Regiments. They are each headed by a Taisa. Often, specialized Task Forces are created to perform a single operation. There is not enough members of central Reconnaissance command to warrant their own Regiment, due to the integrated nature of the corps.

Star Army Reconnaissance2)
Established YE 40
Ranger Captain Shôshô Hibe Kanachi
Allegiance Yamatai Star Empire
Subordinate to Star Army of Yamatai
Headquarters Jiyuu Fleet Depot, Jiyuu System


The Rangers are trained in four distinct fields, each classed as a 'Regiment', despite the often infrequent gathering of those in the fields together to actually form one such regiment. Listed below are the four Regiments and their main fields. Each Regiment has a emblem used on uniforms in a similar fashion to Medical personnel have an emblem to help rapidly denote them to personnel.

Far Line Regiment "Vanguard"

The Far Line Regiment consists of the bulk of Star Army Rangers, jokingly referred to as Farseers in an over-grandiose fashion. They are responsible for surrounding a Star Army force in a 'cloak' of prewarning, first response capable reactionary observers. They also assist in covering extended front-lines to reduce splitting the main force too thinly, and members are extensively trained in skirmishing.
 For wear with standard uniforms For wear with Type 37 Field UniformsThe Far Line's functions are:

  • To provide resistance to hostile force incursions until the main force can mobilise.
  • To assist in target acquisition and observation as to help admiralty better direct Star Army forces.
  • To assist in directing fire support to target destination with on-site real-time targeting.
  • To provide on-site post-strike reconnaissance and clean-up duties.

Guerrilla Regiment "Commandos"

The Guerrilla Regiment, whose personnel are referred to as Commandos, are responsible for probing ahead of a main allied force into a known enemy presence, in order to enable favourable conditions for friendly units. They are known to use even more limited supply than the already lessened supply expected of Reconnaissance Regiments, perhaps not being resupplied for weeks.
 For wear on standard uniforms For wear on Type 37 Field Uniforms The Guerrilla Regiment's functions are:

  • To observe and secure a combat presence within enemy lines to be utilised on a strategic/operational level for an extended time-frame.
  • To infiltrate and identify weaknesses in enemy front-lines and positions ahead of a main force.
  • To conduct distractionary and asset-targeting strikes to confuse the enemy prior to main force arrival.

Garrison Regiment "Wardens"

The Garrison Regiment is the macro-response element of Star Army Reconnaissance. They are positioned within Yamataian border systems, sometimes for years at a time. They are generally assigned equipment and ships falling out of standard usage or towards the end of their life spans. The Garrison Regiment is organised into small Mobile Task Forces, which move to intercept detected threats and deter them until a full response is mobilised.
 For wear on standard uniforms For wear on Type 37 Field Uniforms The Garrison Regiment's functions are:

  • To provide a distributed safety net around at-risk systems for extended periods of time.
  • To mitigate the need for a full fleet to be stationed in areas it is not needed.
  • To handle small incursions swiftly and in a timely manner in absence of fleet presence.
  • To provide the time needed for a larger mobilisation of allied force if necessary.

Unconventional Regiment "Unifiers"

The Unconventional Regiment is the smallest regiment and is generally more theoretical than a widely-used element, and due to their very covert nature, they are the least visible of all Recon units. In the case of invasion of a enemy-subjugated planet or protection of a allied planet, this Regiment interacts and helps to direct allied forces in a way beneficial to the Star Army's strategy - supporting insurgents or militia, or by means of subversion.
 For wear on standard uniforms For wear on Type 37 Field Uniforms The Unconventional Regiment's functions are:

  • To integrate with and understand the abilities of allied forces in the field.
  • To help direct scattered allied forces to further the Star Army's strategy.
  • To better relations and capabilities of local and foreign allied forces.

Notable Personnel

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