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Star Army Rikugun

The rikugun (陸軍, りくぐん, Land Army) is the combined planetary forces of the Star Army of Yamatai. These are the units and soldiers that are not part of the fleet, or uchuugun (宇宙軍, Space Army). Although the Rikugun is not considered an independent branch of the Star Army of Yamatai, ever-expanding planetary forces have increasingly asserted their own identity in ways like differences in uniforms.

A Rikugun Nekovalkyrja in a field uniform

The Legions of the Star Army of Yamatai are tasked with handling major ground missions and occupations, both offensive and defensive. They were established in YE 32 during the Second Mishhuvurthyar War. At this time most legions are still in the formation stage. The standard size of a Star Army Legion is about 20,000 infantry soldiers. The basic building block of the legions is the Star Army Century.


Unit Type (邪馬台語 name) Trade name Typical Command Rank Description Symbol
Hōmen-gun 方面軍 Area Army (Field Army) Taisho Multiple Armies in a theater. 500,000+ soldiers XXXX
Gun Army (equivalent to corps) Chujo 5 Legions/Divisions; 100,000+ soldiers XXX
Shidan 師団 Legion (Division) Shôshô typically 20,000-40,000 soldiers XX
Ryodan 旅団 Brigade Taisa 4 Rentai; typically 10,000 soldiers X
Rentai 連隊 Regiment Chusa 5 Daitai; 2500 soldiers III
Daitai 大隊 Battalion Shosa 5 Chūtai; 500 soldiers II
Chūtai 中隊 Century (Company) Chui or Taii 5 Shōtai; 100 soldiers I
Shōtai 小隊 Platoon Shoi 5 Kumi; 20 soldiers ooo
Kumi Fire Team NCO 4 soldiers Ø


Designation Home Commander Manager Soldiers Warships Support Ships Notes
Legion I Yamatai Chujo Nakano Akio Wes 34,000 50 50 Veteran
Legion II Hanako's World Chujo Shuichi Naomi Wes 40,000 50 0
Legion III Daichi Chujo Shingai Taku Nashoba 30,000 0 60
Legion IV Yamatai Chujo Kitano Hiroharu Wes 24,000 50
Legion V Ushobrakflug Chujo Tetsuya Asaka Wes 24,000 50 Deployed
Legion VI Tsuyosa Chujo Sakamoto Koji Nashoba 30,000 0 60 Forming
Legion VII Tatiana Shosho Ingestrie Clowasti 20,000 Created in YE 34
Legion VIII Yamatai Shosho Xiomara Sorenson 20,000 Created in YE 34
Legion IX Yamatai Shosho Kimberly Keir 20,000 Created in YE 34
Legion X Jiyuu III (Jiyuu) Shosho Kazuko Gainey Andrew 20,000 Created in YE 34
Legion XI Yamatai Shosho William Coruthers Ethereal 20,000 Created in YE 34
Legion XII HX-2 Shosho Ida Mako 5,000 Created in YE 34
Legion XIII Yamatai Shosho Marcus Argentius Andriel 20,000 Created in YE 34
Legion IXX Yamatai Shosho Frank Lopez 20,000 Created in YE 34
Legion XX Yamatai Shosho Amber R. Crest 20,000 Created in YE 34
Legion XXI Yamatai Shosho Roger Whaley 20,000 Created in YE 34
Legions 22-57 Nataria 708,000 100 Nov YE 35-Apr YE 36
Legions 58-237 Nataria 3,608,000 100 18 May YE 35-Jun YE 36
Legions 238-273 Nataria 720,000 Jul YE 36-Oct YE 36
Legions 274-633 Nataria 7,200,000 Nov YE 36-Feb YE 37
Legions 634-1083 Nataria 9,000,000 Mar YE 37-Aug YE 37
Legion 1084 Asura III 20,000 December YE 37
Legion 1085 Asura III 20,000 December YE 37

Total Soldiers of the Legions: 12,591,000

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