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Star Army Escape Pod, Type 29

The Type 29 Star Army Escape Pod, also called the Ke-XS-2900es, is an emergency lifeboat system for space craft that was introduced in YE 29 by Ketsurui Fleet Yards for use in starships of the Star Army of Yamatai and Yamatai Star Empire.

History and Background

With the advent of integrated craft such as the Yuuko-class Gunboat what could serve both as autonomous spacecrafts and as back up systems for the ship's they were attached to; SARA devised a new breed of escape pods whom could boast nearly as much autonomy as current power armor technology would allow as well as make the pods themselves suitable backup systems (battery and electronics) to support their attached mother ship in case of catastrophic systems failure. While bulkier than the pods designed in YE 26, the new Type 29 Long-Range Stealth Escape Pod puts this extra bulk to good use as it both as part of a larger ship and as an independent emergency vessel that could better guarantee the survival and safe retrieval of its occupants.

The Ke-XS-2900es escape pods were produced on the Iori-class Star Fortresses and were part of a YE 29 refit on most applicable Star Army of Yamatai vessels.


The main section is an inverted pyramidal shape with a cut off point which is 3m high with an hatch (which opens outward) on one of its 3 faces on its side. Each edges on its sides are beveled and have a 3.5m long winglet which extends down; the winglet includes landing gear and maneuvering thrusters. Typical Star Army of Yamatai color scheme with ship identification, escape pod number and collision lights. There are two small windows on each side of the hatch and another slightly larger one toward the slightly rounded top of the pod (its 'front' while navigating in space), all with metal shutters in case they are compromised.

  • Crew: Up to 6 human-sized people can be accommodated (and seated).
  • Maximum Capacity: Up to 10 can be accommodated (with very cramped accommodations - pod resources will be diminished proportionally to the extra occupants)
  • Length: 4m
  • Width: 4m
  • Height: 3.5m

Performance Statistics

  • Speed (STL): .2c (~59,958 kilometers per second) (~37,256 miles per second) using sublight engines.
  • Speed (CDD): .20 to 365c using combined distortion system.
  • Speed (Aerial): 50mph (70kph)
  • Speed (Water): The Escape Pod can float on water with the aid of its anti-gravity system.

Capable of atmospheric entry, but not a transatmospheric craft. The craft also has landing gear and VTOL capabilities.

  • Range: 10 light years, 1 per day. Crew can be kept in stasis for over 20 years.
  • Lifespan: The escape pod is expected to survive only one use. If ever retrieved, most likely be recycled.

System listing

Armored Hull: The key substance that makes up the 10 centimeter-thick hull of the escape pod is Yamataium. The frame of the pod is made of Zesuaium while armor plates are made of Xiulurium-coated Zesuaium and Yamataium. Zesuaium and Yamataium's main vulnerability is to antimatter weapons. The escape pod has three small transparent Zesuaium windows with safety shutters.

Interior: The inside of the Type 29 Escape Pod consist in a triangular chamber holding a total of six seats with harness, 3 seats anchored against the side of each wall, with one wall left vacant due to it being where the hatch is. Most of the surface is covered in spartan white padding, and three alcoves on each points along with a compartment beneath each seat containing the supplies for the pod's occupants. A small control console housing the pod's BIES computer as well as a small holographic projector rises from the center of the pod's floor.


Life Support: The Ke-XS-2900es carries a part of its mother ship's HSCS conduits and thus has a functional nodal system that can greatly help the said function of the pod. Aside from the obvious hygienal advantages, the pod can recycle waste matter and air to allow for a much longer running time than the previous escape pod models, as well as effect emergency repairs should the escape pod sustain compromising damage. Additionally, it can use what resources it has stored to create edible, if unappealing, blocks of slimy nutrient-rich flesh. It can help support Nekovalkyrja and Yamataians for over 20 days (any passenger rationing not taken into consideration) with the pod's initial supplies; water can be recycled for twice as long. The pod also provides stasis function for up to six people (the ones sitting in the seats) and can sustain them for as long as the pod can maintain power (up to 20 years). In the event of planetfall, the escape pod's life support system can still remain of use and continue providing support to its users.

Control Systems: The pod's operations are mostly automated from the BIES and most of it can be done by vocal or telepathic command. However, the console also provides environmental control, navigation, stealth, communication (including distress beacon activation) and systems management independently in case of computer failure.

Type-29 Airlock Hatch: The Type 29 Escape pod has an outward opening hatch with an atmospheric-containing screen that allows passage of passengers in an out without compromising the life support of the craft and the other passengers in it (much like rapid launch bays). The pod's airlock is also compatible with Type 28 and 29 mounting ports and umbilical airlocks as well as sporting a ramp for passengers to descend when the craft is set down.

Conformal PSC Device: See: Psionic Signal Controller

Self-Destruct: Although the Type 29 Escape Pod lacks an outwardly destructive self-destruct system, the craft can still be rendered useless by having its nodal system turn on itself and cripple all the electronics and systems inside it, along with burning out the capacitor cells - until the point where it is but a useless hunk of metal. Any and all organic matter (including the pods occupant if any remain after the sequence is triggered) inside will be consumed. Any data stored in the BIES will be non-recoverable.

Backup Integrated Electronics System: See Backup Integrated Electronics System

Propulsion and Power

Combined Distortion Drive: The pod uses a combined field system. In effect, the CFS sustains a small “pocket universe” around the vessel by nesting electrogravitic and electrostatic fields. The Type 29 escape pod's combined field serves for FTL propulsion and stealth; and is active while such propulsion is needed (only when the pod is launched).

Propulsion: The pod propels itself at speeds many times the speed of light by generating continuum distortions in the CFS and nesting them to create asymmetric peristaltic fields. This allows the armor to travel hundreds of times the speed of light. Distortion based systems allow the pod to stop or move nearly instantly because the armor has not “moved” in the traditional sense.

Inertialess Drive System: Used for STL propulsion, the IDS also makes the pod proof against scalar weaponry thanks to its vector-projection. The escape pod can maintain 1G of gravity so long as its inertialess drive system remains active.

Capacitor System: While lacking an aether generator of its own, the Type 29 Escape Pod does possess an array of highly reliable aether capacitors similar to those introduced in M4 Sylph power armor that can store enough power to guarantee the pod running to its full capacity for up to 10 days of continuous exertion after which its systems will shut down. Alternatively, the pod can be maintained in a 'sleep mode' while its passengers are under stasis or when only navigating at STL speeds, and can function with its life support properties only for up to 20 years before power is entirely depleted. The amount of power left in sleep-mode is proportional to the amount of power left in active mode, meaning that if the pod was running is CFS actively for the equivalent of 5 days, only 10 years would remain for when the pod would be in sleep mode.

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Product NameStar Army Escape Pod, Type 29
ManufacturerKetsurui Fleet Yards
Year ReleasedYE 29

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