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Ayame-class Cruiser (Privateer Variant)

Based on the military-type Ayame-class Cruiser, this YE 30 variant features some updates and some downgrades (removal of restricted technologies) to make it suitable to give to the Yamataian public as a well-armed privateer.

History of the Privateer Variant

The YE 22 Ayame Cruiser, originally called the “Integrated Strike Force Cruiser,” served a longer career than most of Star Army of Yamatai ships of its generation, becoming a proven, adaptable warship that delivered performance in spite of age.

In YE 30, Senator Maysaki Yuumei submitted a proposal to require the Nataria Fleet Depot at Nataria System to give their surplus ships to civilians to civilians for privateering. Although this proposal was voted down, Hanako consulted the Fleet Depot to create a version of this program that would fit within Star Army Guidelines. To support the Star Army Privateer Program, the Fleet Depot began to modify some older ships to the privateer version in preparation to release them to the public.

The privateer program was closed in YE 37 due to lack of participation.


The modifications to the original Ayame are as follows:

  • The privateer version lacks the “Legacy Cannon” add-on that the military one has.
  • MEGAMI system has been replaced with a civilian quantum computer.
  • HSCS systems replaced with conventional environmental systems.
  • No TTD
  • No ST (Mental transfer/backup) machines

Privateer Ayame-class Cruisers generally have 4 of their 8 docking slots equipped with weapons pods of their choosing.

OOC Notes

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