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Rikei-Class Science Vessel

The Reikei-Class Science Vessel is a deep-space science vessel that first became available in YE 32. It proved to be a very reliable class of ship and was updated upon review in YE 44 with plans to have all in-service vessels brought up to the new 2A design by end of YE 45.

History and Background

Beyond the Kikyo Sector ArtThe Rikei-Class Science Vessel was designed in YE 32 using the same spaceframe as the Tansaku-class Science Vessel designed for the Scientific Studies Service (SSS). The primary design was conceived by Takumi, an officer in the Second Expeditionary Fleet, which was then submitted to Ketsurui Fleet Yards and Geshrinari Shipyards and then was put into production.

From YE 32 until YE 44, the Rikei-Class served and proved itself to be a reliable design for the Star Army of Yamatai. Upon review in YE 44, it would receive a technology overhaul and the 2A version would be approved for continued production and service. Plans to update existing 1A/1B ships were planned to be carried out prior to the end of YE 45.

The first group of ships to be updated will be the Nashoba Science Group of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet.


The Rikei-Class Science vessel specializes in deep-space exploration.

2A in YE 44:

1A/1B from YE 32 to YE 44:

  • The is intended for deep space exploration for military purposes; including detecting enemy installations, investigating facilities, and disabled ships.
  • There is a stealth (1b) variant available in limited quantity for operating behind enemy lines.

Mission Specialization

The Rikei-Class Science vessel specializes in deep-space exploration. It is primarily deployed in the Star Army of Yamatai's Expeditionary Fleets; such as the First Expeditionary Fleet, Second Expeditionary Fleet and Fifth Expeditionary Fleet.

When traveling in fleet configurations the Rikei generally is docked with larger ships such as the Izanagi-Class Dreadnought, Yamato-Class Flagship, or Takumi-Class Expeditionary Command Cruiser.


Rikei-Class science vessels are in traditional Star Army of Yamatai blue with the Star Army Hinomaru and registration on top. They have two nacelles that house the Turbo Aether Plasma Drive and the Continuum Distortion Drives. The two Heavy Dual Anti-Starship Gun Turrets on the forward section are always visible. The other turrets are only visible during combat.

The 2A version received upgrades to the Multi-Stage Aether Drive and the Integrated CFS Array. The nacelles however give room for the Umikagami Subsurface Operations Suite which allows the vessel to operate under the water. The Sorakagami Aerospace Operations Suite has also been included for atmospheric operations.

Statistics and Performance

The Statistics and Performance information for the Rikei-Class Science Vessel.

General Statistics

General Statistics for the Rikei-Class Science Vessel
Year Introduced 1A/1B YE 32, 2A YE 44
Class/Nomenclature Ke-Y3-1A, Ke-Y3-1B, Ke-Y3-2A
Designers Takumi, Second Expeditionary Fleet, Ketsurui Fleet Yards
Manufacturer Ketsurui Fleet Yards and Geshrinari Shipyards
Fielded By Star Army of Yamatai
Range Unlimited Range
Maintenance Cycle Five year PANTHEON updates, 10 year review by the Star Army of Yamatai with refits as needed.
Damage Rating (Version 3) Tier 10
Lifespan This vessel is designed for fifty years of continual use.
Pricing 180,000,000 KS

Passengers and Crew

Jalen Sune, Star ArmyThe personnel on board the ship. It can vary from mission to mission.

Standard Occupancy 2A
QTY Description
70 Star Army of Yamatai personnel1)
Up to 240 individuals.
Standard Occupancy 1A/1B
72 Star Army of Yamatai personnel - 44 Regular Personnel and 28 Troops
Up to 250 individuals.


The Dimensions of the Rikei-Class Science Vessel are as follows.

1A/B and 2A:

  • Length: 184 meters ( 620.08 feet)
  • Width: 92 meters ( 310.04 feet)
  • Height: 25 meters (82.02 feet)
  • Decks: 6 (4 meters each)

Propulsion Statistics

2A as of YE 44:

1A/1B from YE 32 to YE 44:

  • Atmospheric: Mach 5
  • Water: 200kph
  • Sublight Engines: .375c (~112,422 kilometers per second) (~69,856 miles per second)

Inside the Ship

The inside of the long-serving and reliable Rikei-Class Science Vessel.

Getting Around Inside the Ship

The ship has Standard Passageways, Zero-Gravity Passageways and Standard Lifts that provide access to most of the ship. Some system bays and engineering areas are only accessible by the network of Maintenance Conduits that run through the entire ship.

Layout 2A

Forward Zone
Deck Description
1 Bridge, Armory, Computer Room
2 Crew Accommodations and Services
3 Crew Accommodations and Services
4 Crew Accommodations and Services, Science Labs
5 Science Labs, Medical Lab
6 Science Labs, Engineering
Aft Zone
Cargo and Launch Zone
A Cargo and Asset Storage
B Combined Launch Facilities


The Rikei-Class uses the Small Starship Bridge. The Standard Star Army Armory can be accessed via the port access corridor to the bridge, and the Standard Computer Room is located off the starboard side. The bridge complex is located on Deck One of the ship.

Standard Crew Accommodations and Services

These are the standard accommodations and amenities7).

Deck Accommodations Type Description
2 Command Suites One Suite for the Star Army Starship Captain and one for the Star Army First Officer
2 Officer's Cabins Accommodations for crew ranked Shoi Kohosei or higher.
3 and 4 Crew Cabins Large crew cabins accommodate the majority of the ship's company.

The Rikei-Class is rather light on amenities, it generally is a child ship when traveling with a fleet so the crew relies on the amenities offered on the larger ships.

Standard Amenities
Deck Amenities Type Description
2 Star Army Onsen A traditional social bath house.
3 and 4 Standard Star Army Crew Shower The ship has both private shower rooms and communal ones.
3 and 4 Standard Star Army Crew Lounge A comfortable place for the crew to gather off-duty.
3 and 4 Standard Star Army Galley Star Army Cooks are always cooking up some grub here.
3 and 4 Standard Star Army Dining Hall The dining hall is a place for the crew to eat and socialize.
2 Standard Star Army Wardroom 8) A private dining room for officers.
3 and 4 Standard Star Army Laundry Room The laundry rooms are a great place to clean dirty linens.

Combined Sciences Laboratories

The Rikei has seven Star Army Combined Sciences Laboratory facilities.9) These multipurpose science laboratories can be quickly arranged in various configurations depending on the mission type. These laboratories are generally occupied by Star Army Science Officer personnel. Design in YE 43 these facilities were purposely intended for the next class of science vessel so they promise long-term use by the Star Army of Yamatai.

All Combined Sciences Laboratories are stocked with various glassware other required materials that can be ordered through Star Army Logistics.

Interfaces are all fully compatible with the Star Army Science Pad and Kit Type 43.

Medical Lab

This Science Vessel contains a Sakura-type Medical Laboratory for the treatment and maintenance of good crew health. Medical is located on Deck Five.


The Rikei-Class deploys the modular and versatile Standard Star Army Engineering Bay. It serves as a HUB for all the ship's subsystems and mechanical guts. Engineering is located on Deck Six.

Cargo Area

Type 43 Multi-Role Science DroneThe Rikei-Class has a rather large Standard Star Army Cargo Area located in the forward half of the Aft Zone of the ship. It is accessible through the second set of airlock doors from the Combined Launch Facilities which are located aft of it.

Theoretical Volume: If the Cargo Area was packed absolutely full it could accommodate ten SSCC-Xtra Large with five stacked side-by-side and two tall.

Sciences Cargo Payload :

Combined Launch Facilities

The combined launch facilities serve as a Standard Star Army Power Armor Bay and Standard Star Army Shuttle Bay combined. The facility also accommodates the loading of cargo into the Cargo Area located forward of it in the Aft Zone of the ship, using adjustable tracks and robotic arms to transit Standard Starship Cargo Containers from one section to the other.

A set of Powr Armor Storage Racks is located on the port side of the bay, with accommodations for up to 30 Ke-M2 "Mindy" Series of Power Armor.


The sub-systems and inner workings of the Rikei-Class Science Vessel.

Armor and Integrated Armor Systems

The hull is composed of Yamataium, Zesuaium, Xiulurium-coated Zesuaium and Yamataium. The windows are made of transparent Zesuaium. All interior passageways and rooms are surrounded by Yarvex sheeting.

The 1B had a no longer available cloaking system based on the one used on the Elysian Nariel Assault Battlecruiser which rendered it invisible to aetheric-energy sensors and mass detectors.

Integrated Armor Systems

The integrated hull systems are as follows:

  • Integrated CFS Array, which provides propulsion in CDD, defense, and stealth operation.
  • Nodal Liquid Conduit System, a system which uses the femtomechanical nature of Hemosynthetics. Assists with damage control and other functions. When the shuttle is landed, it can be hooked into the system of its host vessel or space station for greater efficiency for this system.
    • Advanced Damage Control - Ketsurui Fleet Yards brought in Hemosynthologist, Shinichiro Tomoko onto the design team to testbed a new capillary system for the interlocking Yamataium hull. Standardly Star Army of Yamatai ships have capillaries which deliver hemosynth to interlocking Yamataium plating which boosts the annealing properties of Yamataium. The system has a tweak where the femtomachinery components are programmed to respond to osmotic conditions. A breach or damage to the armor creates a concentration gradient, which the fetomachinery is triggered to increase replication and flow along the gradient towards the damaged areas. This was first deployed in the Ke-T10 "Fukuro" Multi-Role Shuttle.
    • The Matter Collection System - The MCS allows the ship to collect hydrogen molecules as it travels through space, which can be used to provide fuel or converted into higher elements for use in the Nodal Liquid Conduit System. The MCS units can be shielded in combat with cover plates.

Power Systems

The ship is powered by decentralized Aether generators spread throughout the ship, the highest number of which are located in and around the engineering compartments. Due to the development of the ship during a time when there was a perceived threat from enemy development of systems that interfered with Aether, the ship has several secondary Quantum Foam Generators.

Electronics Suite

The Rikei is equipped with the powerful Warship Integrated Electronics System (WIES), and all of its integrated sensors and a Star Army Standard Communications Array.

Life Support and Emergency Systems

This Science Vessel is equipped with the latest Life Support Systems, which included the update in YE 43 which included integration with the new Nodal Liquid Conduit System.

The ship is also loaded with all Star Army Standard Starship Emergency Systems including Star Army Escape Pod, Type 35 "Seizonsha" and Star Army Escape Pod, Type 41 "Kodate" (If NH-33M (Miniature) are standardly part of the crew).

Propulsion Systems

The Rikei 2A is equipped with an Multi-Stage Aether Drive for sublight applications, and it uses the Integrated CFS Array for Continuum Distortion Drive propulsion. The Yugumo Corporation contributed the Yumeoibito Hyperspace Fold Drive. It has Maneuvering Thrusters (ion thrusters) that are used primarily for altitude adjustment, docking, and station keeping.

The nacelles which housed the CDD Coils for the 1A/1B, now hold the components of the Umikagami Subsurface Operations Suite which allows the vessel to operate under the water. The Sorakagami Aerospace Operations Suite has also been included for atmospheric operations.

Weapons Systems

The Rikei has the following modest combat systems.

2A in YE 44:

It also utilizes a Scalable Graviton Beam Projector Array mounted on the ventral-aft section of the ship.

1A/B from YE 32 to YE 44 10):

Vehicle Complement

The 2A Series of the Rikei-Class Science Vessel has the standard vehicle loadout as follows.

1A/B Series

OOC Notes

Authored by Nashoba and approved by Wes11) on Mar 16, 2010. Andrew updated this article on 2022/11/15 11:07.

Check out some other Rikei-Class images made by our Legacy Admiral Nashoba.

Rikei-Top details

Rikei-Bottom details

Star Army Logistics
First UsedYE 32
Last ReviewYE 44
Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesstarships
Product NameRikei-Class Science Vessel
ManufacturerKetsurui Fleet Yards
Year ReleasedYE 32
Price (KS)180 ,000 ,000.00 KS
DR v3 maxTier 10
majority will be Star Army Science Officer personnel.
“Never Exceed”
Plot ships and notable ships are encouraged to add custom areas
The Command Wardroom has a notable large transparent Zesuaium viewport.
There is one on Deck 4, Four on Deck 5, and Two on Deck 6.
Please keep in mind this vessel was designed before Weapon Limitations

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