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YSS Eucharis Crew & Personnel

This page lists crew members and available positions of the YSS Eucharis. It also has assignments for crew cabins.

Crew Roster

Note: Characters whose players go inactive may be transferred to Fort Minori or killed if abandoned by their player while in combat.




Cabin Assignments

A total of nine crew cabins encircle the crew lounge; each has two beds.

If your character isn't on the room list, feel free to grab an unoccupied room. If there were no open rooms, you will have to share with another player. Ask permission in the OOC thread.

Room Occupants Notes
Cabin 1 Ikigai Majime Traditionally reserved
for First Officer
Cabin 2 Sagara
Cabin 3 Stella Glass, Fuyu
Cabin 4 Yoshida, Setsuya
Cabin 5 Emil, Arria
Cabin 6 Matsuvo, Meissa
Cabin 7
Cabin 8 Blackberry, Victory, Izokia NPCs
Cabin 9 Cherry, Lime, Mango NPCs
Captain's Suite Hanako
Sleeper Module (6 beds)

Joining the Crew

  • Experience is not required. New recruits and trainees are welcome, so long as they put good effort into their profession.
  • Applying characters should be well-mannered and patriotic and loyal to Yamatai (The captain will remove disrespectful characters from her crew).
  • Before being officially assigned to the Eucharis, new crew members may have to pass an in-character interview with the captain.
  • Note that characters are not assigned randomly to the Eucharis. It is a sought-after assignment that must be requested by the character.

Available positions are listed on the plot page: Characters Wanted

Former Crew Members

Listed roughly in order of departure.

  1. Nishizaki Kaede (transferred to SARA/Scorpio Star Fortress)
  2. Nishizaki Kaori (transferred to SARA/Scorpio Star Fortress with her twin)
  3. Valen Sasorix (Transferred to Gemini Star Fortress for training)
  4. Nana (Transferred to YSS Senbu)
  5. Koga Akemi Transferred to YSS Motome, returned, then transferred to Task Force Lantern)
  6. Kanashii Karei (Killed in action)
  7. Kurosora Kim (Dropped - Player inactivity)
  8. Itakori Imakiri (Dropped - Player inactivity)
  9. Yamamoto Hotaru (Dropped - Player inactivity)
  10. Darnell Carlisle (KIA - Player inactivity)
  11. Hamada Shizu (KIA - Player inactivity)
  12. Yarani Tasuku (KIA in shuttle crash - Player inactivity)
  13. Oski Kita (KIA in shuttle crash - Player inactivity)
  14. Iella Remi (KIA in shuttle crash - Player inactivity)
  15. Akechi Shika (Transferred to YSS Vesper - Player inactivity)
  16. Himeya Irenika “Nika” (KIA by sniper - Player inactivity)
  17. Konoka Miyazawa (Transferred to YSS Vesper - Player inactivity)
  18. Kakita Manabu (Transferred to YSS Vesper - Player Inactivity)
  19. Mikael Harris (Transferred to YSS Vesper - Player Inactivity)
  20. Inoue Kiko (Transferred to YSS Vesper - Player Inactivity)
  21. Nathaniel Kygra (Transferred to YSS Vesper - Player Inactivity)
  22. Kage Yaichiro (Transferred to Seventh Fleet)
  23. Papadopoulos, Michael (Dishonorably discharged for misconduct)
  24. Armundo Soichiro (Transferred to YSS Vesper - Player Inactivity)
  25. Shiomi Aoi (Transferred to YSS Vesper - Player Inactivity)
  26. Hakujou Hakushi (Transferred to YSS Vesper - Player Inactivity)
  27. Kurita Tomomi (Transferred to YSS Vesper - Player leave of absence)
  28. Jalen Sune (Retired)
  29. Tachihara Reika (Transferred to Black Knights)
  30. Helen Klein (Transferred to Fort Minori - Inactivity)
  31. Kurita Tomomi (Transferred to Fort Minori - Inactivity)
  32. DarkSky Jonathan (Transferred to Fort Minori - Inactivity)
  33. Sakura Blueberry (Transferred to YSS Firebird)
  34. Pineapple (Transferred to YSS Firebird)
  35. Citrine (Transferred to YSS Firebird)
  36. Valencia Ramiro Transferred to Kyoto (LOA)
  37. Hightower, Conrad (transferred to Ft. Minori for player inactivity)
  38. Armundo Soichiro (transferred to Ft. Minori for player inactivity)
  39. Yosmet Crusher (same as above)
  40. Riko Bors (transfer to YSS Soyokaze of 9th Fleet
  41. Takeyu Nayacesen (transfer to command of YSS Soyokaze)
  42. Miyako Akane (inactive)
  43. Namach Kale (inactive)
  44. Misato Suzume (transfer to Soyokaze)
  45. Takeda Junko (inactive)
  46. Umeki Ayame (inactive)
  47. Sheila Vonderbrink (inactive)
  48. Nunagawa Mio (inactive)
  49. Hisoka (inactive)
  50. Dirjon Ulvson (deceased: sucked out into space)
  51. Samael Darkfire (was asked to transfer due to behavior)
  52. Mao (Presumably KIA in a shuttle crash; The Real Bames Jond disappeared)
  53. Takeda Junko (Presumably KIA in starship battle; Sean_ODuibher went AWOL)
  54. Miyako Akane (Nightender went inactive)
  55. Hashimoto Umeshu (Hiatus from SARP)
  56. Taharial Chasan (inactive)
  57. Shiho Ishii - player got busy and left
  58. Nicholas Saiga KIA; Player Banned; Transfer to YSS Kaiyo II
  59. Oshiro Masumi - Transfer to YSS Kaiyo II
  60. Higashi Takumi KIA; Inactive player
  61. Hitoshi Takao - KIA; Player left site
  62. Valencia Ramiro - Player went inactive
  63. Tan Ann Pan - KIA; Player inactive
  64. Yamashiro Natsumi - Player left site
  65. William Fletcher II - Transfer
  66. Heram J. Wazu - Player banned from site
  67. Tsuguka, Toyoe - Player left site
  68. Taharial Chasan - Player left, returned, left
  69. Yukiya Ellie - Player left site
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