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YSS Eucharis Rules and Operating Procedures

This page has in-character and out-of-character rules for the YSS Eucharis.

Daily Schedule

In the absence of a mission, the crew follows the schedule below:

  • Wake up
  • Physical Training
  • Get showered and dressed
  • Breakfast (Wardroom)
  • Ship Cleaning (all personnel) - 1 Hour
  • Ship Inspection (Cleanliness and maintenance)
  • Daily Meeting, followed by Lunch (Wardroom)
  • Training or Mission
  • Dinner (Wardroom)
  • Personal Time
  • Sleep

Rules of the Ship

The rules of the ship are posted at all entrances to the ship.

Crew Expectations

  1. Take initiative in your duties. Do what needs to be done; participate.
  2. Any unusual circumstances, no matter how small, should be brought to the attention of the bridge.
  3. Any damage to the ship should be immediately reported to the bridge (systems and safety monitoring station).
  4. The bridge, armory, computer room, and galley are restricted areas; Authorized personnel only.
  5. Power Armors are not allowed to be operated inside of the ship (outside of their bay) except in emergency cases.
  6. The cargo bay should not be used for storage of personal items without the captain's permission.


  1. Each soldier must maintain her assigned equipment and stations in excellent condition at all times.
  2. Keep hatches sealed and keep items secure. Any objects not in use should be stowed away.
  3. Damage control stations should be kept fully stocked.
  4. Spare parts and redundant systems should be kept for systems when possible.
  5. Ship systems should be regularly inspected and tested.
  6. Blast shutters, doors, and hatches must remain unobstructed at all times.
  7. Regular training will be conducted on:

Ship Operating Procedures

  1. As per regulations, the bridge must be manned at all times, except when the ship is in a friendly port (Condition 5).
  2. The Combined Field System should only be deactivated for maintenance or when docking.
  3. Always use the most secure means of communication available.

Alert Conditions

During an alert situation

  1. All personnel should immediately report to their assigned stations.
  2. In combat situations, environmental suits should be worn or at least readily available.

Remember, blast shutters will automatically close and lock in the event of an emergency. Only the commanding officer or the computer can unlock the shutters, and the shutters may only be opened once unlocked by someone physically present at that blast shutter.


  1. When on duty, Star Army uniforms should be worn.
  2. Officers should wear a Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 35
    • Type 30 series female uniforms can be worn with leggings or a skirt (skirt design must not restrict movement).
  3. The Type 31 Working Uniform is preferred for enlisted personnel.
  4. Technicians and engineers may wear coveralls.
  5. Each soldier should wear her sidearm with a charged battery magazine.

Away Missions

  1. All soldiers on away missions should carry a communicator.
  2. Away teams should be monitored from the ship, checking sensor data and updates.
  3. In general, the first officer will lead away missions while the captain will stay on the ship.
  4. Decontamination procedures must be observed when returning from a foreign environment.
  5. Any previously used environmental suit should be inspected before use again.
  6. Precision orbital bombardment is available to away teams via communicators.

Social Expectations

  1. Treat others with respect and kindness.
  2. Bowing aboard the ship is only required when boarding the ship and greeting visitors.
  3. Do not let personal business interfere with your duties.
  4. Sexual activities should not take place in passageways, toilet, or work areas.
  5. Maintain your mind and body in good condition.
  6. Do not use any substance that will hinder your effectiveness unless it can be cured immediately. This includes alcohol.
  7. The following are prohibited:
    • Pets
    • Chewing gum or tobacco
    • Smoking
    • Disgusting foods


Sometimes, persons not in the crew may come aboard.

  1. Guests must be escorted at all times when outside of the lounge/cabin area.
  2. Guests are not allowed to operate the ship (and will be prevented by MEGAMI).
  3. Guests are only allowed in the main passageway, wardroom and lounge, medical lab (only when necessary) and (if assigned) their crew cabin.
  4. Prisoners of War are held in containment cells located in the Medical Laboratory.
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