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YSS Celia

Motto: Peace Through Strength

YSS Celia, NJ-X3-01, originally GC-55 (then YC-55), is an Ayame-class Cruiser built by Ketsurui Fleet Yards in early YE 24 for service in the Star Army of Yamatai. It was currently the flagship of the Third Expeditionary Fleet until late YE 32 when it was decommissioned.

Currently, the ship is part of the Star Army Museum orbiting Nataria and can be viewed as part of an escorted tour.


Early Years

YSS Celia was the second main plot ship. It was captained by Taisho Araiah Jal, Taisho Kai Ashigari (who was a Shôshô at the time), Taisho Kyoshi Ayame, and Taisa Kessaku Sakai Yuuko.


Exploration of Tami

The Celia mapped out the uninhabited Tami System and claimed it in name of the Yamatai Star Empire.

Kai's Assassination

Kai's previous heroic deeds had given him powerful enemies. One of them sent the assassin naraku after him. She assassinated him on the bridge of the Celia before self-destructing. Due to this tragedy, security upgrades were installed on many Yamataian warships.

Taisho Ketsurui Ayame assumed command of the ship after Kai's demise.

First Contact at Kohana



YSS Celia was later commanded by Taisho Henry Chen as flagship of the Third Expeditionary Fleet.


First Contact at Ohara

Henry, along with an away team, made first contact with the Phods of Ohara. The diplomatic mission went smoothly. Strangely enough, it seemed that the Phods had seen humans before.

The Case of Mr. Oven

Meanwhile, aboard the Celia, a new technician found himself dealing with three harried cooks, and one very belligerent oven.

Waste Disposal

Henry dispatched a small team to clean up a radioactive mess left behind by the previous visitors to Ohara. The Phods served ice cream to the clean-up crew.

First Contact at Essia

The crew of the Celia made first contact with the enigmatic Separa'Shan snake-men of the Essia System system. But first, Henry had to negotiate with the local deity.

Zao-Fe Nei

A Kohanian who served on the YSS Sakura. She later transferred to YSS Celia. She was played by Chris Young.

“All I really remember of her was she was a jaguar styled Dy'Unnar, left with the Sakura after she befriended Tyler's character, got trained as a medic, got to tease Rufus, and was beaten up and nearly set on fire by a Black spiral Neko.” —Chris

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