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YSS Genus

YSS Genus, YX-C1-0012, is a Tansaku-class Science Vessel built at the Ketsurui Fleet Yards on Planet Yamatai in YE 31 for the Scientific Studies Service (SSS). It was upgraded to the 1B version in YE 33

About the Genus

YSS Genus


  • YE 31 The Genus was dispatched as part of an expedition to Sairen system. When the Second Mishhuvurthyar War broke out the expedition was ordered to return to the Yamatai Star System. The Genus encountered engine problems and chose to land on an unexplored planet. Once on the planet the expedition chose to explore an extensive set of ruins they discovered from orbit.
  • YE 33 It was found on AX-01 by the YSS Aeon with only Nakano Hikaru surviving. The rest of the compliment had been taken over by minions on an entity known as Intellicus. Once the Star Army personnel defeated the Intellicus they escorted the Genus to Veronica, after that it proceeded to Planet Yamatai. Upon arrival the ship was taken to Ketsurui Fleet Yards for repairs, and while there it was upgraded to the 1B version.


  • CO - Fujita Sho
  • XO - Nakano Hikaru

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