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YSS Hokorimasu

YSS Hokorimasu, NF-S8-01, is a modified Glorious Chiharu-Class Flagship built in YE 26 for the Star Army of Yamatai's Eighth Fleet. Downed once, she had been reconstructed and refurbished to once again serve as the center piece of the fleet. Now commanded by Shôshô, Shizuka Endo.


The Hokorimasu plot has been closed for inactivity (as of August 28, 2011) since there has not been a roleplay post since June 17, 2011.

Hokorimasu role-play (18+) occured in on titanpad, and out of character chatter happens in the #HokoChat channel, mostly on Thursday at 8 PM EST ( 5 PM PST ) and normally finished around 2 AM+ EST ( 11 PM+ PST ). The resulting JPs were edited and posted atthe Hokorimasu thread. Its primary Game Master was 5tar. Because of its size this ship also may staffed by two additional assistant GMs who are, these will be designated based on who seems willing and dedicated enough to assist. Each player is expected be at each JP, if you cannot make it- you are to notify the GM staff as soon as possible.

The Hokorimasu plot is the sequel to the YSS Senbu which had run for about two years. Started in May 9th, 2008 and now continued in May, 2011, it is the next chapter of the legacy of the Star Army's Red Lion. Expect anime like epic-ness, with over the top military drama and space opera themes. The main cast will be one of many in the seemingly endless size of the Hokorimasu's massive crew, a space goddess with her own city on-board.

This plot picks up the torch left by the YSS Sakura. It is restricted to mature players eighteen and older due to graphic descriptions of sexual and violent acts. It will be known for its sudden, alternating excesses of violent, brutal warfare and physical romance, and for its traditional Dare Lottery Party.

Latest News

Ship Location: has left the Valentine System to begin heavy patrols.

Current Mission:

The Hokorimasu is going to patrol the borders with the rest of the Eighth Fleet based on latest reports.


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