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YSS Pliable

The YSS Pliable is a Hayai-Class Gunboat in the Star Army of Yamatai.

She is commanded by Taii Hasumi Skuld, a Nekovalkyrja.

YSS Pliable has a “Secret Operations” black hull but has a Star Army Hinomaru instead of a SAINT emblem.


The Pliable was transported to Ayenee via Transuniversal Teleportation Drive by the Ayame-class Star Army Intelligence ship YSS Listener (YC-31) in YE 381)2) and again in YE 393) as part of a cross-universe reconnaissance and resupply mission by Star Army Intelligence and Star Army Logistics. On the YE 38 trip it picked up Marcus Rodia with a shuttle piloted by Logistics Nekovalkyrja Brynhildr Hamasaki.

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