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YSS Yuurei


See: Standard Small Starship Bridge (Plumeria Type) for locations of each station.

Yuurei in Roleplay

The YSS Yuurei was an invitation-only plot ship run by Andrew.


The Yuurei was built at Gemini Star Fortress by Ketsurui Fleet Yards.

Upon becoming the Director of Operations for Star Army Intelligence in YE 30, Motoyoshi Misato decided that she would be more effective running the Empire's intelligence branch from a mobile platform. While she maintains offices at Vicky, the Yuurei serves as her operational command. Its crew is a selected group of specialized professionals from various backgrounds within the Empire, dedicated to protecting it by any means necessary.

Misato's vision for the ship's mission profile is based on the idea of: “Saving the Yamatai Star Empire, without it realizing it is being saved.”

YE 30


Prelude:A Dance with the Stars

Mission 1:Enlightenment

Former Crew Members

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