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Star Army Surplus Store

The Star Army Surplus Store is a retail shop that sells items that the Star Army of Yamatai no longer has a use for, such as clothing, old military equipment, and survival supplies. It is open to the public. Items may be used or unused, but are in generally good condition.

Star Army Surplus stores are run by a combination of Star Army Caretaker and Star Army Cargo and Supply personnel. The caretakers handle customer interactions and the supply personnel handle the inventory.

Current Stock

The following items are currently available. In cases where a quantity is listed, that is the maximum available before stock is depleted. If a price is missing for an item, ask Wes.


  • AP-1a30m 30-round magazine 7.62mm FMJ AP for GP-1 or GP-2 30 KS
  • AP-1i30m 30-round magazine 7.62mm HESHI for GP-1 or GP-2 40 KS
  • AP-1p30m 30-round magazine 7.62mm HPJ for GP-1 or GP-2 30 KS
  • AP-1s30m 30-round magazine 7.62mm APFSDS 2mm for GP-1 or GP-2 50 KS
  • AP-1a200 200-round belt 7.62mm FMJ for GP-11 180 KS
  • AP-1a/t500b 500-round belt 7.62mm FMJ / Tracer (1/5th) 500 KS
  • AP-3p15m 15-round magazine 9mm HPJ for GP-3 10 KS
  • 10 x 25 mm Ketsurui Zaibatsu: 100 round carton for 25 KS


  • BR-10 Five-Slot Recharger for BU-P10r batteries 500 KS
  • BR-20 Three-Slot Recharger for BU-P20r batteries 1,000 KS
  • BR-50 Three-Slot Recharger for BU-P50r batteries 2,000 KS
  • BU-C350 Portable Battery for powering rechargers. Adjustable output. 5,000 KS
  • BU-P20 Nonrechargable Battery Unit for GP-1 20 KS
  • BU-P20r Rechargeable Battery Unit for GP-1
  • BU-P30 Nonrechargable Battery Magazine for GP-13 Pistol 20 KS
  • BU-P30R Rechargeable Battery for GP-13 Pistol. 60 KS
  • BU-P10 Nonrechargable Battery Unit for GP-2 and GP-3 15 KS
  • BU-P10r Rechargeable Battery Unit for GP-2 and GP 3
  • BU-P50 Nonrechargable Battery Unit for GP-5 and GP-12 100 KS
  • BU-P50r Rechargeable Battery Unit for GP-5 and GP-12 450 KS


Some of these clothing items (mainly uniform tops) are only sold to Star Army veterans, or approved film productions.



Home Goods

  • 87,040 used bedding sets (20 KS each) - includes pillow, pillowcase, sheets, and comforter
  • 13,520 wooden chairs (20 KS each)

Starships and Small Craft



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