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Star Army Officer's Cap, Type 36

The Type 36 Star Army Cap is a type of peaked cap that was authorized for wear by officers of the Star Army of Yamatai starting in YE 36. It is an optional replacement and not part of the standard issue; it can be purchased from a Star Army Clothing Store, a ship store or Star Army Alterations and Embroidery for 100 KS. By YE 37, the officer's cap became so popular that the vast majority of Star Army officers were wearing them.


The design of the officer cap is similar in color and materials to the Type 32 Cap (sailor cap), being regal blue wool (Hex color #223460) with a white silk interior lining with a thick black elastic chin strap tucked inside for windy conditions. It has a black leather peak (brim) and strap on the front. The strap is fastened by a brass button on each side.

In the center front of the hat's band, the hat has an officer insignia patch.

Officer Cap Officer Cap

The standard version of the cap can be worn by officers ranked Santô Juni through Taii. For officers of Shosa and above, the cap peak features pearls and embroidered gold leaves. The Admiral's version has a gold strap across the front (instead of a black one) and its brim has two layers of gold leaves and pearls.

Officer Cap with Scrambled Eggs Admiral's Cap

Cap Badge Detail

The officer insignia patch has an inverted heart shape with the Star Army Hinomaru surrounded by gold leaves and six pearls. The Type 36 Officer's Cap is currently the only part of the Star Army uniform that uses pearls. The pearls used are typically from Hanako's World. Above the hinomaru is the purple Kikyo (Japanese bellflower) that represents the Empress of Yamatai.

In YE 38, the Star Army began using a version of the cap badge that featured the Type 38 Hinomaru design in the center.

Officer Cap Badge, Type 38

Command White Variant

Starship captains, First Officers, and admirals in command positions are authorized to wear a white cover on the top, denoting their special responsibilities. The white matches their color panels and, for Shôshô and above, their sleeves' rank bands.

Admiral's Cap in white

Older Versions

Made only during the first half of YE 36, the original version of the officer cap features a slightly different, more teardrop-shaped cap badge. The badge has two additional pearls on it. These early caps are considered functionally identical and do not have separate designations or nomenclatures, and are primarily of interest to collectors.

Officer Cap Officer Cap with Scrambled Eggs

Caps made before YE 38 have the older Type 21 hinomaru design on them:

Officer Cap Badge, Type 36

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