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Star Army Female Bodysuit, Type 30

The Type 30 Female Bodysuit Uniform was a short-lived variant of the Star Army Female Bodysuit, Type 22 that was worn in YE 30 to YE 31 in the Star Army of Yamatai by the First Expeditionary Fleet. It is no longer authorized for wear.


The Type 30 Female Bodysuit Uniform consisted of mesh stockings for both the upper and lower body, worn under a stretchy bodysuit that opens with a zipper along the front. The bodysuit had cutouts and belts on the thighs, for attaching clips for small equipment like knives, grenades, ammo pouches, and communicators. On top of the bodysuit, a “torso” portion (a shortened version of the one on the Type 30A Female Duty Uniform with colored panels on the chest and shoulder pads that bodysuit showed the soldier's occupational area. The bodysuit uniform was worn with a rank pin, a belt (with a pistol and pistol holster), boots, and gloves.

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