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Black Mindy

A variant of the Ke-M2-1E second generation Mindy power armor, the Black Mindy is a brutal piece of hardware that both Black Spiral and the Daughters of Eve now use. Created in YE 28 at the Scorpio Secret Research Base, this power armor was the first to boast several key features such as the teleportation module, a powerful communication system paired with a potent ECM suite (later further streamlined and added to the Ke-M2-1H "Mindy" Power Armor) and an intimidating set of spiked shoulder, elbow and knuckle covers as well as bladed knees for close-quarter combat.

Used in raids, stealth operations, kidnappings and assassinations; the Black Mindy has earned itself a sinister reputation. It is, aptly enough, painted a glossy ink black and typically dons a fireproof cloak often with the insignia of its unit.

General Information


The Black Mindy is just slightly larger than the average Yamataian, allowing it to fit in almost any place conventional infantry soldier might.

Height: 175cm (68.9 inches) with a 160cm (5' 3“) Nekovalkyrja inside. May vary +/- 15cm. Width: 62cm (20.41 inches) Mass: 126.5kg (278.88 lbs)


The Black Mindy uses a Combined Field System for its primary means of propulsion, allowing it to travel at speeds up to 2,500 times the speed of light. In an atmosphere, the Mindy can travel Mach 1.7 at Earth sea level. Through use of their Combined Field System, Mindy armors are able to ignore gravity and inertial forces; they can hover, instantly stop or shift direction, and even increase and decrease their weight; they can walk up walls, on ceilings, across water, and in midair. The Mindy can also operate underwater.

FTL Speed: 10c Aux Engines: .375c


The Black Mindy is designed specifically for NH-17, NH-25 and NH-27 nekovalkyrja; pilots must be between 145cm (4' 9”) and 170cm (5' 6“) and be able to use the SLICS interface system. The Mindy's insides are composed of muscular flesh that is warm, soft, slimy, stretchy, and wrinkly; it includes a sophisticated Hemosynthetics (bloodborne iron-based femtomachine) system that can repair damage to the muscular system as well as the pilot. The flesh primarily provides augmented strength and shock absorption.

Getting Inside

To enter the Black Mindy, a neko first takes off any clothing she is wearing, followed by removing the armor's helmet; the armor will recognize its operator and open its torso, revealing its fleshy interior. The chest and abdomen armor splits open along the armor's centerline. The pilot would then back into her armor, putting each foot in. The armor automatically creates a suction that will engulf the pilot's legs and pull her inside. Once the pilot is in position, the armor will close around her and she may retrieve her helmet and put it on. The Black Mindy can be operated without its helmet, but the pilot will not be able to use most sensor and communication devices without it on.

Piloting the Armor

Piloting the Black Mindy is done through SLICS. All Nekovalkyrja able to interface with the power armor ought to be instinctively able to operate it; it is natural to them. Basic operation of the Mindy armor is simple, and is augmented by the armor's on-board computer, which will help out when (and only when) it is needed or requested.

Life Support

The fleshy core of the Mindy houses the life support systems, which include the hemosynthetics system, a rebreather system, an oxygen supply, and a nutrient-enriched (sterile) water supply. The Mindy can support a pilot for up to 15 days before replenishment is needed, or up to 10 years in stasis. If needed, the Mindy can filter outside air to replenish its supply (not usually done until absolutely necessary, though).

The Mindy's interior includes a catheter organ that wriggles its way into the pilot's urethra and bladder, keeping the pilots from having to exit the suit to urinate. Pilots receive oxygen through the skin. The interior flesh will also massage the pilot's body from time to time to encourage blood flow and provide increased comfort, or to provide pleasurable stimulation.

Armors can still function without their limbs so long as their cores and engines are intact, although this would mean loss of limbs for the pilot.


Black Mindy differ from common Mindy in the following:

  • A new abdomen design spreads more open, allowing pilots to suit up faster.
  • Around the neck is an added armored collar, providing defense against throat shots.
  • New antennae are fitted on either side of the collar.
  • It is equipped with a teleportation unit similar to the one in use on the Mindy II's balanced configuration, but this unit can store enough power for two uses (recharging one use still takes one minute, though the Black Mindy's generator is powerful enough to power itself and recharge the teleporter).
  • It has no Nodal Support Bit Launcher.
  • Covers sporting large spikes are installed over the shoulders, the elbows and the front of the knuckles. Large blades have also been added on the knees.
  • Some larger armor plates were replaced with smaller ones for cheaper replacement costs. All armor plates are xiulurium-coated zesuaium, which offer both great protection and also a small sensor profile.

The Black Mindy's hands has three fingers; the armor was obviously meant to only be used by nekovalkyrja, and only the ones using the phased out SLICS interfacing system.


The Black Mindy is improved primarily in the areas of mobility and electronic countermeasures; it features a more powerful aether generator system to power the bigger capacitors of its teleportation system.

Armor and Stealth Systems

The Black Mindy has an outer armor composed of Xiulurium-coated Zesuaium plates, which are layered over a mesh of chain mail and a titanium alloy chassis layer. The Mindy's armor is immune to small arms fire, provides excellent resistance to mounted weapons, good resistance to light starship weaponry, and poor resistance to heavy starship weaponry such as main guns and anti-matter; it is most armored on the torso, shoulders, abdomen, and thighs. This armor also shields the interior from heat and radiation, protecting the pilot from the rigors of space travel and atmospheric reentry. As with all armors, it protectiveness can be bypassed through the use of excessive kinetic force such as that of railgun fire like the LASR can deliver.

Damage Rating: 10

Sensors and Communications

The Black Mindy uses the Armor Integrated Electronics System (AIES), which includes sensors, communications, and computing systems rolled into a standardized package. The system runs a special power-armor-oriented flavor of the Kessaku Military Operating System created by Kessaku Systems for use within the PANTHEON network. Through networking, the Mindy's sensor input is augmented by that of nearby friendly forces.

Its sensors include:

  • Three imaging arrays (1 forward, two side) with nightvision and thermal viewing
  • Ultra Wide Band RADAR

The armor can communicate via:

  • Voice, via microphone and loudspeaker
  • Conventional Radio
  • Subspace Radio (FTL)
  • Laser Beam (using forearm cannon's range-finder)

The Black Mindy also features a state-of-the art jamming array not found on any other Mindy model except the Mindy 1H, capable of blocking both conventional and subspace FTL communications, as well as blotting out sensors by dispensing a cloud of charged particles.

Weaponry and Accesories

The Black Mindy is meant to be a relentless closer-ranged combatant which is meant to get the jump on its opponent and overwhelm it as quickly as possible. The primary weapons are either the positron rifle (for space combat) or the aether saber-rifle - behind each shoulder is a rack to hold weapons, so, a Black Mindy will typically bring both.

Black Mindy armors are equipped with:

  • 1 Ke-M2-W2702 Forearm Pulse Cannon, DR 5 or Stun (scalar)
  • 2 Spiked pauldrons
  • 2 Spiked elbow-guards
  • 2 Spike-knuckled gauntlets
  • 2 Knee Blades
  • 2 Lower Leg Hardpoints (Can add the equipment here as well as guided psionic grenades to subdue/stun enemies)
  • 1 Ke-M2-P2812 Double-Charge Teleportation Unit
  • Small water-resistant ”butt pack“ for carrying uniforms and rations.

The Black Mindy can also use pistols designed for infantry use; see the List of Firearms and Combat Gear.

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