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Legions 238-273

The 238th through 273rd Legions of the Star Army of Yamatai consist of 720,000 cloned Type 33A Nekovalkyrja who were created in mass cloning facilities at Nataria Fleet Depot during the months of July through October of YE 36. The 36 new Legions each consist of 20,000 soldiers. Each legion is composed of 200 centuries.

Star Army Legion Patch


So far, the Legions have standard equipment for each Star Army Century. The legions are not equipped with dedicated starships for each legion and generally require transportation arrangements to be deployed.


  1. In YE 36, the 238th through 273rd Legions were created on planet Nataria by order of Taisho Ketsurui Yui, where they began training.

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