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Task Force 1

Task Force 1 is a Star Army of Yamatai task force that carries out search, recovery, and rescue missions for PEARL. Task Force 1's home port is Fort Victory Reserve Center and its ships are frequently filled out by members of the Star Army Reserve doing their annual service requirements.

The insignia for Task Force 1 consists of a shield in Admin Mint bordered by Star Army Regal Blue, containing the number one in Star Army Regal Blue with the text “TASK FORCE” above and the nickname “The Lifeline” below. To the right of the number 1 is a stylized yellow sun representing shining a light of hope for the Star Army's lost personnel.


Task Force 1 was authorized in YE 43.8 by Taisho Ketsurui Yui at the request of PEARL's director, Taisho Anzai Saya1). While PEARL can issue missions to any Star Army ship, Taisho Anzai felt that PEARL needed its own dedicated ships as well. Ships, typically of the smaller variety, were pulled from the Nataria Fleet Depot as well as existing fleets to form a small task force focused on finding and extracting POWs and MIA soldiers lost in conflicts like the Kuvexian War.


The following ships and assets have been assigned to Task Force 1:

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