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Type 31 Light Utility Truck

Originally intended for use in the Star Army of Yamatai, the Ketsurui Zaibatsu Type 31 Light Utility Truck was given to Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia in YE 31 by Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Himiko I of Yamatai for use in the Second Mishhuvurthyar War. It is comparable to the Type 30 Light Utility Truck but designed for easy transport; it has a fold-down windshield and can be stacked. It also supports a wide variety of engine types.

Type 31 utility trucks are open-top 4 x 4 trucks with seats for two people. The driver sits on the left side while a passenger sits on the right. Behind the seats is the cargo bed, where the soldiers can store supplies and equipment. The trucks utilize a Durandium Alloy unibody construction and are quite durable. Their windshields are made of Transparent Durandium. The trucks are equipped with seat belts.

The standard utility truck can fit into the rear compartment of a Ke-T4 "Fox" Combat Aeroshuttle and up to four can fit into a Ke-T7 "Raccoon" Transport Shuttle. A canvas cover kit is available.


  • Available with one of the following engines:
    • 1A Aether
    • 1B Battery (Drives 2000km per charge)
    • 1C Fusion
    • 1D Diesel/Gas/JP8 Multi-fuel
    • 1E Alcohol
  • 4-Wheel Drive
  • Stackable
  • Can be air-dropped
  • Comes with jerry can, pioneer tools, a fire extinguisher

Damage Capacity

  • Body: 5 SP (Mecha Scale)

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