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Ke-B5-W3904 Type 39 Anti-Starship Turret

The Ke-B5-W3904 Type 39 Anti-Starship Turret is designed exclusively for shipborne usage with the Izanagi-class Dreadnought. The Ke-B5-W3904 weapon system is the tertiary anti-capital and anti-starship weapon of the Izanagi-class. There are sixty-six of these turrets on the hull of the Izanagi-class. The turret draws power primarily from an aether generator that functions independently from that of the ship itself. The generator also includes a capacitor and a cooling system. The aether generator and its support systems are located within the base of the turret. In the event that the main reactor of the host Izanagi-class is disabled, the turrets can fire independently. If needed, the turrets can also be connected to the primary aether reactor of the host ship.

The turret fires condensed potentials from the aether in a massive and coherent aetheric projectile. These projectiles deal damage through severe burning and anti-matter effects.

The turret structure itself has a cylindrical base (which is stored within the hull of the ship) and a rotating turret dome. When not in use, the double-barreled turret is retracted into the cylindrical base (inside of the ship itself) and covered with a zesuaium plate.

  • Purpose: Tier 11, Medium Anti-Starship
  • Range (Space): 800,000 kilometers (497,096.54 miles)
  • Rate of Fire: 1000 RPM
  • Ammunition 10-20 minutes of sustained fire, Theoretically unlimited as long as the weapon retains function.

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